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Need DVD R/W drive suggestions

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  • Need DVD R/W drive suggestions

    I'm looking for an DVD drive that can write data DVDs. Want to make DVDs with data folders/files that can be easily passed from one PC to another. Just like a CD can do but with more capacity.


    1 - External that connects through the USB port.
    2 - Doesn't require loading any software.
    3 - Can copy files through the Windows Explorer just like the internal CD drive I have now.

    So it needs to work like a flash drive. Anyone have a make / model of something that fits the above reqs?


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    any "brand name" unit will do for data.... its writing for video dvd players where it gets a bit "interesting" at times

    any reason you could not just use a usb pen drive?


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      Generally speaking, no DVD or CD burner works without burner software which, in the case of windoze systems, tends not to be included as a standard part of the operating system. Writing files to DVD is different than writing to most media as the standard format has to be mastered. ISO-9660 isn't a format that lets you write files individually. This also precludes using windoze explorer to drag and drop files to the media although some burner software has a utility that lets you pretend like that is what you are doing but it just puts those files in a scratch area and still has to master the disk and burn it when you are done.

      DVD+/-RW (not DVD+/-R) combined with the UDF format does, in theory, allow the media to be used like other media but there are various problems on various systems with the drivers for this format even when support is built in.

      A USB flash drive, a SD card with reader, or a portable hard drive is more appropriate for impromptu moving files around.


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        Any DVD burner will write to the DVD but they all need software to do it. I use Roxio easy media creator and the disk then acts as a drag to disk drive. Writing on that media is a bit slow and you need the re-writable disks for true drag and drop. I also found out that this isn't as reliable as a hard drive. To meet your three requirements, what I did is go to a Western Digital portable hard drive. It plugs into the USB port, needs no extra software, and can be hooked up to any computer. It just becomes the next available hard drive letter in windows explorer and you create folders and drag and drop as needed. It's also more reliable than DVDs and much faster writing. It works for me.
        Hope this helps.


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          Originally posted by whitis
          A USB flash drive, a SD card with reader, or a portable hard drive is more appropriate for impromptu moving files around.

          I have to agree a 100%.

          At a $1-$2 per GB it meets all your objectives in a very user friendly format.
          Just drag and drop files into the "drive" in Windows explorer, pop the SD card in your shirt pocket and you're done.
          The 8-16GB cards are becoming very reasonably priced.

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