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  • Best RPM for Buffer

    I've been thinking about buying a 6 inch Baldor buffer. I'm looking at 2 models: 1800RPM and 3600RPM. Any opinions of which would be best? I'll mostly use it for polishing aluminum.


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    I preffer the high speed for buffing metal, as it goes much faster. Slower is better if you are not used to it. Wheels last longer at slow speeds


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      For light or finish buffing on soft material, I kind of like a slower speed. Personal preference I suppose.
      It's not exactly a Baldor, but Delta is now selling a 6" and 8" variable speed grinder. 1,725-3,450 rpm, with (get this) quick change and tool-less wheel removal. One of my grinders died a few weeks ago so I thought I would give the 8" model a try. The quick change seems to work pretty well, but I might need to make some tight fitting wheel adapters to minimize wheel dressing. I'll let you know how it works out if anyone is interested.
      Location: North Central Texas


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        Thanks for the help. Sounds like it's a toss-up so I'll get the one that's on sale: 3600RPM for $147.

        Joel, I just made some tight adapters for my $20 chinese grinder. Although it ran pretty straight out of the box, after replacing the wheels (with Norton white wheels), there was about .1 inch of wobble. The inside flange was just a washer that fit up against a very shallow shoulder on the shaft and that didn't work very well. I replaced it with nice, square press-fit flanges and now it works great. All that bother made me opt for the high end Baldor buffer this time around.

        thanks again,