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    Watch out there is a scam going on in the internet. I tried to sell a spot welder a few weeks ago on ebay it did not sell. I got an e-mail from a guy asking about it then he said send pics details etc which I did. He then explained he had an international company and needed one for a company in Holland. Then he wrote asking for an address to send the money which I sent but only gave my mobile phone number not my house number as I was suspicious. Then I found out from a guy in a wood chat forum I am a member of he got the same crap from a guy posing to buy his saw. Seems the scam is they ask you to accept a cheque which is owed to him from another party for a much higher sum then ask you to send them back the difference. I waited and sure enough today he wrote back asking me to accept a cheque from a customer of his for three thousand pounds and refund him the difference and he would then collect my spot welder beware. I phoned the police here below is the emails I had from him so far the police are coming tomorrow to ask me about it watch out guys Alistair

    hello hostie,
    i saw your advert and i will like to buy your SIP COLUM SPOT WELDER AS NEW INDUSTRIAL MODEL .................................................. ................
    with certified cashier cheque so if you have the pics you can scan it for me and how is the present condition now,so kindly get back to me so i can arrange for the payment.

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    hello AHos5,

    thanks so much for your prompt mail,am a business man that deal with used engine&machine i have a customer that in need of the industrial model sport welder, that is why i contact you on mail moreover the sport welder is going to holland,forget about the shipping charge i have a good frieght forward agent that deal with my goods so imediately you receive the payment they we come for the pick up of the sport welder.
    so kindly give the name that we been on the check and your physical home adress and your phone number .
    so i can instruct my client that howing some money to issue the check quickly .

    hello Alistair, I Would accept your last offer of 1250 pounds which is okay
    by me,But I hope i can trust you.As for the payment my client who is in the
    U.K is oweing me 3000 pounds and I will Instruct him to send you a Cheque/Cashier's Cheque of 3000 pounds to you and then you will take out your 1250 pounds for the INDUSTRIAL MODEL ,and of which you must send the remaining balance of 1750 pounds to my Frieght Forwarder that will come for the pick-up of the INDUSTRIAL MODEL from your place or depending which is more suitable,as soon as you have
    Transfered the remaining balance to them they will come for the pick up. if
    this is okay with you pls reply me

    For futher information about contacting the freight forward agent kindly reach

    them on their contact e-mail address which is : [email protected]

    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    You are right, it is a scam. The check is a forgery but that will not be discovered until it reachs the bank it was supposedly drawn on.
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      Those Nigerians just love to use Holland as the financial center for all their scams.

      This one has been going on for years.

      Good catch Alistair.



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          I like the payment by paypal, then "stop payment on the credit card" you paid with scam much better. Not hit me yet. Hit a friend for about 1200 in California thou. Now you see a whole lot of "NO paypal by credit card" listings.



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            Alistair, have you noticed in the emails he's spelt his name wrong.
            He's missed the 'T' from the end.

            Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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              Well, after being dinged for a few bucks here and there on unreceived (unshipped?) ebay items, I've gone to pay by CC on everything. No Paypal, No Purchase. And, As soon as I sell an item, the Paypal funds go to my bank. I don't keep a Pp balance any longer.

              Paypal won't do a thing unless you fork over $25 for them to investigate it. Sure, I'll pay $25 to get my $5 back... Right.

              "Buyer Protection" and "Seller Protection" is just a way for ebay to market their cash cow. They don't mean squat in real life.


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                I always check the seller's or buyer's feedback rating. I look for the length of his/her time on E-Bay and for any negative comments. This is a great system - even better than many other forms of purchase as you can read the comments of dozens, enen hundreds of past customers.

                These guys get around that wonderful protection by avoiding the auction and contacting people directly. E-bay has a very wise policy against this and it really should be followed. It really is for your protection as well as to ensure the collection of their fees. As far as I'm concerned, they do earn their fees. PayPal is also a good route for the payment.

                Buyer and Seller BEWARE!

                Paul A.
                Paul A.
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                Make it fit.
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                  Speaking of nigerians,I was sitting in the unemployment office the other day, and there were 3 trying get u/i, there was a fourth for interperating, and several kids.

                  NOW am I wrong thinking maybe you should understand american/english before you ask us americans to feed and clothe you?


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                    Not just internet scams,I won't accept a third party check period,reason being is that here in my state if you accept one for payment and the check bounces when you cash it then you along with the people who wrote the check can be charged with check kiting which can add up to face value of the check plus collection expenses,I know a girl who took a third party check for $55.00,it bounced and after the county collected and assesd fees it cost her nearly $600.00!They did eventualy catch the kitier,but she then had to sue them to retrieve her money,well they didn't have any so she was out.
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                      Paul, checking feedback works some of the time; However, posting feedback is not required of either party (buyer/seller). If I post a negative for the seller, he will surely post a negative for me. So I don't post. I don't want my counts tarnished by a seller's incompetence or out-and-out theft. I wonder how many others do the same. Hundreds? Thousands?

                      What good is feedback if it's not required or held hostage for your "positive" response? Most sellers won't post a feedback for the buyer until the buyer posts his feedback. What good is feedback if it only represents 10% of the seller's dealings? Or coersed?

                      I've been waiting since Nov. 22 for Spot Welding Tips. (Weigh about 8ozs.) The seller says they were mailed. By law (USC), he still owes me tips. His email answer has the sound that he completed his obligation. If he did send them, why didn't he post feedback? I paid within minutes of auction close.

                      Now I have to wait 30 days just to make sure. (Seller has 30 days to ship) Then what? File a complaint for $8? Post a negative feedback just to have the seller post one too? What good is feedback?

                      His theft, and others, will just continue.


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                        I only pay by international money order drawn on a bank in the country I am send it to and instruct the person I am sending it to to wait for it before sending any merchandise. Even Postal money order can be faked these days and the Canadian Post Office encourages you to all a toll free number to verify the money order and amount.

                        When I worked in retail we took welfare cheques, welfare vouchers, money orders, money wires. I tok a money order form a person, took all their id properly, and checked the mooney order before accepting it. 9 months later a CSIS officer showed up at the store to talk to me about the counterfeit money order - the person had skillfully changed a $1.28 money order into a $181.28 - it was pretty cool actually. They did catch the perp a few years later.

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                          As a seller I don't post f/b till I get f/b,
                          as a buyer i post when I know it is what I asked for, and works.I have found this to work well. I have 2 negitive feed back reports against me, one from a guy who literally sold me junk, and the other didn't know how to answer e-mails actually neither one did.
                          I am not a big seller, or buyer,but i dont cheat people either.


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                            That's my point Wolf. You're holding the feedback hostage. If a buyer gets junk or misrepresented merchandise, he's not likely to post and let everyone else know. If he does, the seller will retaliate with a negative feedback claiming "poor comunication" or some idiot excuse. There's too many people like Paul that look solely at counts and not what's written in the comments or responses.

                            When I sell, I post feedback upon recept of payment and/or shippment. My parts done and I trust my descriptions. When I buy, I post upon recept of the merchandise. The only way feedback will work is to make it manditory.

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                              I forgot to mention but I did receive the Welding Tips today. Seems the problem is in the USPS delivery area. It took 10 days via 1st Class mail to get here. I didn't blame the seller for that and I sent him an email and left positive feedback. The items were perfect and as described.