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  • u joint book

    I am having difficulty finding a replacement u joint, namely because it was a custom piece and now I have to redesign it.

    Do U Joint manufacturers not have books available, much like bearing manufacturers do? Why can't I seem to find a book that has standard u joints, their cap diameters, and basic dimensions in them so that I can replace a non-standard part?

    Anybody know a source of such a thing?

    (I don't have the u joint available to give measurements or I would, it is currently buried inside a lawn tractor. I just remember the difficulty last time I had to replace one of these joints)

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    Give Spicer's literature collection a try.
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      exactly what i wanted!



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        as a heavy duty truck mechanic I have a little ruler that was given to me by a spicer distributor that has a lip on one end and the graduations are the measurement across the cups. and each size is marked on the rule right from passenger car to the big rigs.


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          Tractor Power Take-Off (PTO) shafts utilize a wide variety of u-joints and they are generally listed by size. I have seen a chart in a NAPA store that listed them by size.
          Don Young