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    Whats the best way to go about finding small local auctions or liquidations or individual sellers of used equipment? Other than the classifieds are there any auction publications or other sources where an individual can go to find used equipment?

    I don't really want to try the on-line auctions. I just don't want to buy any used equipment that I can't touch and feel and see first. I think the professional tool traders are too expensive. Thanks

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    They have a pretty comprehensive listing of auctions and dealers.
    As far as on line auctions, don't write them off completely, as bargains can be had. Look for ones close enough to go for inspection. I do not like to buy anything like that myself unless I can physically inspect it. This applies to a lot of new tools too.
    Jim H.


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      Try this and good luck. Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        The Tool Dealers sell equipment for its value - if it goes for very little you can usually be assured it is bagged or ancient technology (like old massive shapers) that no one wants these days. If you build a good relationship with a local dealer they may beable to find you what you are looking for - discuss your needs with them and your budget. Keep in mind a lathe will often require 2-3 times its cost to tool up if it does not come with chucks and accessories.

        A machine that goes for top dollar often warrants its value due to condition. There are very few free lunches in the world. Sometimes you can come across a few bargains, but generally you have to put some footwork into it to find them - they are not going to jump up and bite you in the ass to get your attention, believe me. I looked for three years for the Maximat 7 that I finally purchased, but I also kept a keen eye out for alternatives and was willing to comprimise.

        Keep checking your local papers for legal sales, bankrupcy sales, plant closing auctions look in the wed, thurs, & fri papers as most notices go in the papers before the weekend or on friday.

        It is also important to have the cash ready for those "once in a lifetime deals" that sometimes come to your attention. If you find a great deal, and you are busted, you is screwed. Also, let all your aquantances know youare looking for a machine 0 you never know what might float to the surface!


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          Thrud sez:"It is also important to have the cash ready for those "once in a lifetime deals" that sometimes come to your attention. If you find a great deal, and you are busted, you is screwed". Better bargaining advice is not to be had.

          IMHO, you seldom find good deals when you are hunting for them. You go to places "to see what they have". Take cash, browse, never disparage anything. No need to talk money until you have a maximum price in mind. Don't ask a man his lowest price- he will try to guess what you will pay- make him an offer. You never have enough cash to be able to pay the initial asking price (if you are going to bargain)- His price is ok, just more then you can afford. Ask, Ask about what you looking for, maybe have a pic. be surprised how many People know who have some thing but they don't don't know what it is called (or Worth) or used for.

          You seldom find "bargains" advertised- you may get a good deal but most who advertise have have a good idea of what the item is worth to themselves.


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              here's another little trick most people don't know about. The auctioneer usually has to clean up after everything is moved out, anywhere from a couple of days to weeks. Offer to help clean up. If they take you up on your offer you can usually keep anything laying around. Just as long as you remove it right away. I've picked up countless cabinets and shop acessories this way.