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  • Question for IOWOLF?

    From ANOTHER SURVEY thread "Ihave subscribed to both for over 10 years.
    And have submited several articles."

    Under what name? (if you don't mind me asking)
    To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison

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    PIM, vol. 9 #2 Saveing some pinched fingers.



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      I am very interested in the work that other people do. Looking at, and reading about, the projects of others is, I think, a good way to get to know someone. The members of this BBS live at the four corners of the earth so unfortunately it is unlikely that we will meet in person.

      I would be interested in finding out how many other members have submitted work to the Village Press.

      OK, OK, I'm just snoopy.
      To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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        Hey, I like that too.., ie. kinda 'knowing' and interacting with the creators/authors of the articles I read. It adds another, more personal dimension to the articles, and at times a chance to offer compliments to the authors. Also lends a little more credence to the BB inputs, being able to see their work. I'd hope all contributors would make themselves known here, if their username doesn't make it evident. All are certainly justified in feeling some pride in your work.
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          COOL!takeing another survey then, hum?

          well, I dont know, I met rustybolt.
          I had to bribe him to come see my shop though. nice guy.IMHO.

          and if that guy from KC would ever come up for coffee, we could meet also. LOL.

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              about two or three hours i think,all interstate.
              but havent been there in a while, dont need to go to the big city.

              Besides i got Omaha 5 miles away.


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                  Ok, IOWOLF. After reading about all the good deals you've found right under my nose lately I'll have to start following you around and pick up any scraps you've left behind. Cripes, I've never seen anything worth buying in the pawn shops around here.

                  Dick in Omaha


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                    sols, down town, and you should have went to the Arnold t&d auction last year in CB.

                    DO YOU WANT A W/s #4 TURRET LATHE FOR $500?
                    Ipassed it up for lack of room.

                    Oh, we should have coffee some time.

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                      Hey IO: From that tidbit you threw out in the other thread, about the paintball porting: I'd be interested in chatting about that with you if I could- In fact, I may have already, are you Fred Moulton?

                      Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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                        I've submitted several articles over the years, starting in 1985, either as Stephen G. Wellcome or Steve Wellcome. Then I didn't do much for a while, until I got laid off in 1991 and suddenly had 1) lots of time and 2) a great need for money. Nothing I've done has been particularly profound, but I think it's been useful.

                        I'd encourage others to give it a try. The rate of payment won't make you rich, but it's something, and based on some of the threads in this forum, some of you guys have a lot of knowledge to share. It's great that you do it here for free, but formalizing it as a magazine article may help both to make it more coherent in presentation, and more permanently available.

                        Neil has some "guidelines for authors" that he'll send out on request.
                        Try to make a living, not a killing. -- Utah Phillips
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                          WHAT? YOU GOT PAID?

                          I got 4 or 5 free magazines, I dont think I got money though, just satisfaction.

                          and Doc, I sent you an e-mail explaining it all.


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                            I really enjoyed your last two articals in MW. I am going to look up the others.
                            To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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                              For us new guys, maybe you could give us the title of your articles and around when they were published. I would be interested in reading them or finding out what i missed