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    Yeah David, it is for springs, and the fence idea came to me yesterday....I think that may work well too, looks like it has provisions for one already but the fence either got lost or never came with the punch.

    As soon as I started getting replies I realized that I haven't used the normal machinist's problem solving thought process with this task....I just kinda stuck with how I've always done it.
    Just goes to show that sometimes you gotta stop, step back, and approach from a fresh angle.



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      Have you saw the pneumatic tattoo machines?

      Neat stuff.

      One problem is too much power. I built a square wave power supply to do away with the points, problem was instead of running on the capacitor once the points broke, it would power armature all the way to the coils. (if adjusted that way) Neat was it would run 1.5 times faster then a points machine and I would make more money on the road shows. You would see the other artists crane thier necks every time I'd step on pedal. Sounds really different.

      I still got one or two laying around somewhere.