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Adding storage to lathe

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  • Adding storage to lathe

    I always need more room for things close at hand when working on the lathe so I added a couple of trays. 12 inch long sheetrock mud tray screwed to a block of wood with two large magnets glued to it. They are easy to move but will support a substantial amount of weight.

    I also took a piece of 4” C-purling and removed most of the lip on the front side. The back edge is hooked under the formed back edge of the lathe backsplash. And held with two small c-Clamps.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    How's the new shop? You all moved in?

    I thought about storing suff there too but decided I wouldn't like having to clean chips and oil spray all the time. I put a workbench directly (4' or so) behind where I stand at my lathe for tools etc. Neat re-use of on-hand materials however.


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      Good ideas....a place to toss a few hand tools like an adjustable wrench or screw driver that you need occasionally and don't want to leave under the bed of the lathe.