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    Whats the best type of tooling for d2 matl. Speeds for drilling and counterboring would also be helpful. I drill with long .120 drills and also 5/8 1/2 3/8 and so on. Also the counterbores for 1/2 3/4 5/8 socket head cap screws. Any advice would as usual be greatly appreciated. Thanx again Audrey

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    I got a piece about 4 feet long, 1"x4" I tried to cut with bandsaw but it just ate the teeth off.

    I Think it must be tempered? or case hardened?



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      1"x4" D2. Ooohhhh! That would make for some nice integral handled knives! Heat treated properly for a knife blade, D2 comes in around Rockwell 58-60. That would definitely guve your average bandsaw blade fits. I don't know where it starts before HT, but I'm sure it's still pretty tough stuff.


      Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.
      Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.


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        M-42, T-15, or Carbide will work. Keep the drills a short as possible (always) - spotting drills or stubbys works best. 135* split point minimum - watch the feed if you dawdle here you will harden the steel - use coolant if possible

        Try to work it in annealed condition as its machinability is about .4 (brinell 250-450) so your cutting speed should be about 1/2-1/3 that of free machining steel use lots of coolant