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OT.....gonna (*&%(&^% McAfee VirusScan

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  • OT.....gonna (*&%(&^% McAfee VirusScan

    My current copy of McAfee has been on the computer apparently for 11 months.

    Now, as long as the (&^%*(& thing is on, about every 40 seconds it pops up a window teling me that I need to "re-up the subscription" to the update service. I have to close it before anything else can be done.

    Nothing short of turning it off or killing McAfee will stop it, although they do say the program it "will continue to function" if not re-upped.

    I am getting pretty tired of this blackmail, which is certainly NOT encouraging me to re-up or get an updated copy, which I do every year or so. Particularly as it looks like it will do this for the last 30days of its "subscription".

    Heck, I didn't "subscribe", all I did was buy and install their (*&%*&^$ program, a mistake I don't think I will ever make again.

    This ain't a virus scanner, it IS a virus.

    rant mode off, (for next 40 seconds)

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    Uninstall it. Go to and download and install AVG Free version. It works fine and the updates are free.

    Warning: Anyone running Norton (POS) be aware that an attempt to uninstall Norton will probably break your internet connection. Without very special knowledge you will have to reinstall Widows to fix it.
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      I'm with Evan on this on.
      I have tried both Mac Afee and Norton.
      Both were piles of crap that slowed my machine down.
      AVG just sits there and you don't even know it's there.

      John S.

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Does AVG scan email and have an update service for new virus identification?

        McAfee has/does both.

        One thing McAfee has NEVER done to me is to slow down the computer. It actually works VERY well.

        But this "Nigerian scam" McAfee popup has got to go.


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          I had the same *@#$% problem with McAfee. I Emailed them many times, Emailed Dell "support" numerous times and never got a useful reply from either party. Just some irrelevant canned crap that had nothing to do with the problem I wrote about. Perhaps their Email tech support is from a third world country like India or Pakistan.

          A friend suggested going into the program directory and using the uninstall program that accompanied the initial program installation. That finally worked. I think that many people just give up and renew the subscription just to make that @#$% reminder go away.

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            As I said the updates are free. Yes it does e-mail. It also checks any file that is accessed by anything and won't let it be opened if it is a virus.

            The reason it is free is that it is a way to adverstise the non free professional version. They hope you work for someone that needs a good antivirus solution for the corporate network and that you will have some influence over what is used. It is a good product.
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              I had Mcaffee anti virus and my friend who writes software for a living told me its junk. It caused problems with my system. I then used avg and its great. AuIt is not a firewall though and you should load one of them also. Audrey


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                I had Norton at work, computer guru's came around and switched us all over to McAfee. I wish they would have done it while we were there, so we could have kept them from doing it!! Total junk, y2 .02 worth. Mark


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                  Hello Guys
                  Im new here, been coming to this board for a few months. Any how if you turn off the automatic update feature the nag popups stop.


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                    I use Norton Internet Securities package, Spybot S&D, SpywareBlaster, and Ghost. Never have any problems, no slowdowns. Our server has a hardare firewall, software firwall, Norton Security, and all the attached computers are stealthed and firewalled.

                    We are going to switch over to an Opteron 2way server with an Enterprise Java server package running on it next year to make it bulletproof.


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                      Of course if you do that you might just as well uninstall it.

                      Welcome to the swarf tray.

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                        Thanks for the welcome, what you say is true however this does allow you to still run and check for viruses that are not new and gives you time to buy a new version or different program,


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                          Another option is to switch to an ISP that traps the viruses for you. Like*. They provide the service free of charge because it helps THEM. Put some pressure on your ISP to do the same. They could be breaking the law if they allow viruses to pass through their system. If nothing else, convince them it would help the bandwidth that YOU are paying for.

                          (*No connection other than a subscriber)


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                            That is a good idea, BUT, don't depend on your ISP's virus filter. You still need to be vigilant and carefull about what you open. I filter for viruses on my mail server but one still snuck through to my own e-mail, of all people. I recognized it and didn't open it. There is always a window of vulnerability between when the virus is released and when the updates are available and downloaded. A lot of viruses are released on Friday evening these days to gain a little more spreading time since the anti-virus vendors are off for the weekend.
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