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    About ready to put a new computer into service. Any advice or reccomendations on virus protection software to use?



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    Traditionaly people like to see more posts on a member before they start asking OT questions.
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      BM is just being a sour puss tonight,
      Guess I'm not one of those people, besides, that is not a rule and is not in the forum rules.

      So, there are a bunch of good Anti-Virus programs out there, I purchased IOBit 360.

      I would never recommend Norton though.


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        Bill check out this package, I have had good success with it:



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          AVG Free antivirus is pretty good, and you can upgrade it to a pay version with support.


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            Microsoft Security Essentials -free, and the least intrusive sytem I've ever used. I have been using AVS since they first came out...

            I've now ditched Symantec and Kaspersky off all my systems - they became way too bloated and intrusive, and installed Security Essentials on half the neighborhood. No problems..


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              Gotta agree with lakeside - security essentials is a good bit of kit....

              and i work for symantec


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                AVG free here ( assuming non business use)


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                  Nod32 for me...
                  Precision takes time.


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                    "Avast" & "CCleaner" Both Freebies.

                    Regards Ian.
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                      I used AVG Free for a while but then switched to Avast! (also free) and decided I like it better. I found the AVG mail scanner setup to be somewhat of a pain. Avast! just works.
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                        I have a wide ranging collection of real computer virions. I can send you some to evaluate if you like.
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                          Bill wellcome, ignore Black moon (there's allways one) , we are here to help if we can

                          AVG 2011 - fast, reliable, FREE for home use. $$$$ for business

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                            I used AVG free for years until last year when 3 viruses in 4 months blew right past it. Only way I knew I had a virus was the computer started acting odd. AVG's scanner didn't even find them, I found them by looking in the Registry.

                            Now use NOD32.

                            BTW - Microsoft's Malicious Virus Removal Tool is also very good.



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                              Originally posted by SGW
                              I used AVG Free for a while but then switched to Avast! (also free) and decided I like it better. I found the AVG mail scanner setup to be somewhat of a pain. Avast! just works.
                              I also. AVG got so bloated and a friend that is a lot more computer-
                              literate than me was in the same boat, found Avast and told me about
                              it so I switched. BUT the last upgrade from Avast seems to have also
                              gotten more bloated, at least it has slowed down over the original.
                              I was given the CCleaner heads up a long time ago and run it about
                              onec a month. It does take some of my cookies out that I have to
                              re-login to a few BBs .