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OT - Auto diagnostic/repair question....

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    The threw hole on the fouler is jetted to be small to fool the o2 sensor. Did you open up that hole or just the pocket the o2 sits in? Either way it is a bandaid fix just like the inline resistor some companies sell.

    All the honeycomb from the cat in the muffler is a funny one and I have seen what you mentioned before. One guy said "I had my cat replaced and now something is rattling, I think the guy messed up a hanger or something". Another great one that is happening now is the high quality ebay exhausts. Nearly half of my exhaust fixes lately have been poor fitting aftermarket ebay exhausts. The customer will call me and ask for say a cat back exhaust quote. I tell them what it would be for me to build it and they say thats way more then I can buy it for off ebay. (normally 2-3 times as much for me to build it over ebay) I try to explain ebay exhaust quality but they can't get past the price so they buy it anyhow. They go to install it and what do you know, it doesn't fit and if it does fit it is hitting and rubbing on everything under the car. Then that same guy calls me and asks "how much to fix my ebay exhaust?" lol By the time it is all over the guy ends up spending about $100 less then if I would have built the exhaust from scratch and he is still stuck with cheap thin wall 409 stainless ebay exhaust.

    But its business and the way I look at it is if it weren't for ebay the guy probably would have never been able to afford the exhaust in the first place so I wouldn't have had any business from him. At least this way ebay gave me business.


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      Long story. A friend was beating his brains out trying to fool the computer in his car (for some reason). He tried resistors here and there, blocking this & that off, and adding gallons of unmentionable "snake oil" to his fuel...all in the pursuit of better performance & gas mileage. The list goes on. Just about any "crackpot" scheme to improve performance was tried. Sometimes he would bring me a gadget, and I would look at it and laugh. The theories these guys worked off of were obscure and mostly amusing.

      He had heard somewhere that if you moved the oxygen sensor out of the exhaust stream, it would report a leaner mixture. That won't work, I told him...a leaner exhaust means the computer will richen up the fuel mixture to compensate. No, he had other ideas...
      I ended up boring out the anti-fouler he brought me, so the sensor would fit inside it. It fit well into the pipe, and the sensor fit into it...only when he drove it, black smoke issued out the back, and the computer set a code for a faulty oxygen sensor to boot.... AND HE REPLACED THE SENSOR!!

      I worked in a muffler shop for years, way back when... Fortunately, there wasn't an eBay to peddle cheapass exhaust systems to my customers. Once in a while, I would get somebody with a box full of polished stainless steel pipe, wanting an exhaust sysem assembled from it. Fun.. I usually ended up cutting up $1000 worth of stainless tubing to build a custom exhaust system.
      We didn't use MIG welders, back then, so, I had to build the whole thing with a TIG. Hang the parts, tack 'em, and then remove them and weld them on the bench...Funny, I could have bent up a set of regular steel pipes, gas welded them together and hung the system in a matter of hours, instead of sawing and cutting dozens of tiny pieces of stainless, then welding them together over a period of sometimes days. I guess the owner didn't want to be embarassed by a set of ugly bent pipes when he flipped his car on it's lid.
      I'll never know. Today, everything is DOM, mandrel bent with paper-thin outer walls and polished like chrome...Looks nice....nice & expensive...
      No good deed goes unpunished.


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        Those little chunks of stainless pipe is the most comon thing I have to fab on cars. In fact it is what I was doing today.