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Lathe mounted Shaper attachment

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  • Lathe mounted Shaper attachment

    (ad for a closer HSM'er)
    Ammco metal shaper 7" New fairfield CT
    metal shaper for hobby machine shop
    very good condition
    (203) 746-4608 [email protected]

    For you guys in that! area...
    I am drawing (now on paper) the plans to cast a shaper to mount on my Leblond lathe as a attachment. Thinking out the Justice of the plan, It has varied cross feed, adjustable head speed, rigid base and already here.

    I am not sure I will use a shaper a lot, so bringing a real large one into my shop as a experiment would not be warranted. I have been looking, bidding on smaller ones like the one above..

    ANyone else done this? I think it is a good plan. Even to make a Universal one to mount from the HF 3in1's to larger lathes. Any suggestions on the mount?


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    Interesting idea, can't wait to see it.

    In the May/June 1989 issue of MSM there are three photos of a Key Seat Attachment for a lathe. (Chips & Sparks page 16) It looks like it would work to make that female spline for your Harley.
    To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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      Sounds like a nifty idea. I wonder how much stress that would put on the lathe bed though? Building a shaper is on my "To Do" list. Somewhere around #186. I'm still working on #20 now. I may have to move it up because of an up comming project but the 150 ton die press is still ahead of it.

      I keep trying to design my stuff to get multiple uses from the core tool. Who said a shaper has to be horizontal? (Or a press vertical) I mean I've never seen any laws that state that.


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        What I have drawn so far... the bull eccentric in the chuck, rocker arm going to back of lathe, rocker shaft crossing over, ONE heavy plate on left side next to chuck, rocker bushing #2 and ram mounted in plate. With having one side mounted you could bring the slide under the ram. Rocker for slide would be behind work, slide would be slightly over slide.

        Talking about a 3 or 4 inch stroke max here, aluminum ram, mounting plate. Steel rocker arms and brass bushings. Not sure what kind of stresses it would add to the bed. Reckon it needs a floor mount foot? that'd make it heavier to change on and off.

        There is a lathe mill head mounted similar in one of the modeler magazines from the 50's