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Cutting Plastic - Static

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  • Cutting Plastic - Static

    I have been cutting a bunch of Corian / solid surface plastic on my CNC machine. Cutting this stuff causes the chips to stick to everything. The CNC machine looks like it has a coat on it and when you use the shop vac to suck it up it coats the outside of the hose.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to reduce or remove this static? Is there something I can spray on the plastic before I cut it or some magic dust?


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    Get an air ionizer and have it blow the air over the work area. It's what they use in the semiconductor industry to eliminate static at work stations.
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      There is this thing called the Magic Wand, which is a little stick with a piece of radioactive material at the end. Depending on type, it emits little alpha or beta particles or other ionizing radiation, which helps dispel static charges. Sometimes used to dislodge little piece of dust from clean surfaces.

      Haha, I don't actually expect you to use this. Just sayin'.


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        Static Cling

        There are aerosol sprays for clothes that eliminate static cling on fabrics. That may or may not work but would be cheap to try. After you spray it around, don't stand there and breathe it.


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          There are a variety of anti-static sprays and air-ionization devices out there to suit every budget. I do not have the website bookmarked here, but I use anti-static ion-blowers throughout my business.
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            If you can find a place that sells used high tech equipment and parts I have been able to pick up an ion bar with transformer for @$50.00. New $800.00.
            Couldn't get out of the place fast enough . My experience with plastic and static wasn't good, but I learned more than I ever wanted to about static.

            If this is your mill I would try running coolant. Static gets it 'cling' from positive and negative charges being on the same piece of plastic, opposite charges attract like magnets. Because plastic is a non conductor the charges can not neutralize each other. The water in your coolant system should act like a conductor(wire) and allow the charges to neutralize each other. They make sprays like mentioned above. They also a make an antistatic copper 'tinsel' which might help some but might clog, as it has to rub on the plastic chips.
            Ion bars would be a good long term fix if you are doing a lot.