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  • lets see your snowblower mods

    Just got 22 inches of snow last night in Buffalo NY. My snowblower works OK, but i was thinking for next year i would either modify mine or build something new. A machine that has more power to throw the really wet heavy stuff. Any ideas. Thank you

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    A honda....LoL
    Though about putting a diesel 10 hp instead of the 8 now there...
    please visit my webpage:


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      Been looking at this too, specifically something to move those mounds that roll off plows or later become larger masses mixed with ice and other "trash".

      I know someone will correct me but from what I have found so far, Honda, Toro, Ariens and Simplicity are considered "quality" machines (though they also make "promotional" machines and that is the general name given to most any other maker and there aren't a lot, lots of re-badging however).

      There are some features not found in the walk behind type that you find in larger versions that I wonder about (not sure there is any engineering reason or safety reason) such as impellers with more blades and more of a "scope" design...augers of a smaller diameter that are "solid" with mass/weight being a factor.

      Lots of time on my hands so one engineering detail I find interesting is that the really large blowers (as opposed to buckets or blades) like this

      they go back to a rotary vane or screw that mimics the impeller of most walk behind (actually given many railway blowers are converted from steam decades ago, its the other way around) and those that need large areas cleared e.g. airports, often use large rotary sweeping brushes


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        Forgot the one detail that could make a difference to what you use now, from an engineering standpoint, the chutes that are closer in cross section to a partial circle will throw further and are less likely to clog...since this is how they all once were compared to most now that are "boxy" one wonders, why?


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          My snow blower mod was to give it away when I moved from Nebraska.


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            Originally posted by mdred68
            Just got 22 inches of snow last night in Buffalo NY. My snowblower works OK, but i was thinking for next year i would either modify mine or build something new. A machine that has more power to throw the really wet heavy stuff. Any ideas. Thank you
            two things:
            1. what kind of snowblower do you have? I had a 36" ariens 8hp 2 stage and it would cut through everything. I would do the side walks just because. lol

            2. I am in Rochester and totally pissed we dont have much snow. I had no idea any of this was going on until an hour or so ago. Thats what I get for having class and being in the machine shop all day.


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              Here's a shot of the trans engage lever I made for my old Ariens Sno Thro.

              This model year had a lever mounted below the bar and you had to squeeze it to stop....I thought it'd be safer with a "deadman" set-up.

              It has since been painted orange to match the original machine color

              I'd like to see what others have done as well.



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                You can enjoy the over the top features of this snowblower;



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                  Did somebody mention snow - blower???


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                    Most snowblowers are powered with engines that are designed to last 20 years it seems, so why not get it to put out a little more power?

                    Tweak the governor, maybe a nitrous system to blow through those really heavy bits?

                    Turbocharge your snowblower?... it would make a fun project at least.

                    On a lighter note, why was Frosty the snowman standing by the side of the road with his pants down?

                    ...he was waiting for the snowblower!


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                      Where is?

                      "Tim the Tool Man" Taylor


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                        Snow Blower

                        Once at a place I worked they had a walk behind snow blower with rubber tracks instead of wheels. It was dark green. Since then I've never seen another one like it. Does anyone know what brand that might have been?
                        Kansas City area


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                          I seem to remember a pic somewhere of a snowblower on rubber tracks. The engine was pretty much centered over the tracks, maybe slightly forward of center. The weight of the actual "snowblower" part on the front was off-set by the seat on the back for the operator to sit...kind of a mini-crawler tractor idea...



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                            A Honda snowblower ?

                            I happened into a Honda superstore that happened to be next to the local
                            Lee Valley outlet recently. I have to say I was gobsmacked to see that
                            Honda is asking $3,900 CDN for their tracked residential snowblower, and
                            not much less for the wheeled version.

                            While looking at these machines, I noticed the mechanism for moving the
                            blower chute has an expensive looking worm that engages with teeth
                            stamped in a sheet metal flange at the base of the chute. Expecting
                            that the price of the machine reflected superior design and manufacturing,
                            I was very disappointed to find that the feel at the handle was no different
                            than that on my far less sophisticated machine. I can't imagine that the
                            rest of the machine is any different.

                            Honda claims these machines are good for moving 71.7 tons of snow per
                            HS1132TA $3,189 USF
                            HS1132TAS $3,399 (120v E-Start)

                            No Honda for me.

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                              I live near the coast up here in New England. We get a lot of 5" snow falls that is very wet snow. A snowblower simply cloggs up and won't throw it. It needs to be plowed.............Therefore: