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    Cheapest tumbler yet...

    A place I worked at years ago did a lot of tumbling, and I occasionally took samples of the media (usually when the vendor would ship us the wrong stuff). At home, I would take the media, fill a large metal (coffee) can about 1/2 to 1/3 full, add a little soapy water, and the parts to be tumbled.

    Roll some duct tape around the lid and throw it in the the lathe. Spin at a moderate rate - NOT fast enough that the media gets forced against one spot and just sticks there... you want the works to slosh around and tumble.

    It takes a while, but it's quieter than a full blown tumbler and definitely cheaper. One of these days I may run a rib down one wall of the can to act as an agitator, and maybe line the can with plasti-dip to help silence it.

    I don't have the room, the need, or the money for a tumbler, so this works out great for me.


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      Mortar mixer? Its more of a tumbler than a vibratory unit though.

      If you buy one of those HF ones be sure to spring for the warranty if you are going to use it a lot. On my 3rd small one and don't use it much. Motors bound up after 6 days of almost solid running.