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Rapid Tap cutting fluid reviews?

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  • Rapid Tap cutting fluid reviews?

    I've used Tap Magic for all around cutting, drilling, tapping etc since I started all this metal working stuff.

    As of late I have a Fastenal right down the street so I called him today to see what kind of cutting fluid they carried and what he had was Rapid Tap.

    It'd be nice to get stuff right near home but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this stuff...or maybe with both and had a comparitive opinion.

    I put out a drop of each and the Tap Magic seemed slightly slicker....seeing as how I have only used one brand I don't know if "slicker" means very much or if there are other properties that matter more....any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I have used rapid Tap. I am not a fan of it. Better than nothing I suppose. All I have in the shop is "Tap Magic" and Mobil (Omegamet If I remember correctly)Thread Cutting Oil. Both work extremely well.


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      I'm with ADGO .
      Next time You go to Fastenal see if they have the CRC stuff called Truetap Foamy.I picked up a can the other day and My initial thoughts on it are favorable.



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        I've never used Rapid Tap.

        I use Tap Magic mainly for tapping and slotting when I do that. I also use it for single point threading on the manual lathe. I use used motor oil for drilling steel manually. I have a semi-synthetic that I use for anything on the CNC lathe.

        I also have Kool-mist that I have in a plastic pop bottle when I want more cooling and lubrication isn't much of an issue. It's my default coolant on the mill. It's pretty cheap and with Tap Magic, it just seems that I would have to use quite a bit for any real benefit, and I'm too cheap to buy a gallon of it. At some point, I'll get a mister.

        For aluminum, I use lard for any operation. Best thing for aluminum IMO.


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          At one time I purchased cutting fluids where I work so I could experiment. Then I got in trouble because the MSDS book was getting so full and was told to scale back to 1 or 2 cutting fluids and get rid of the rest. I think we know where they went.

          "Aqua Cut" mostly water, good for drilling steel or for max cooling
          Can be corrosive or stain under the right conditions. Smell like cinnamin.
          "Original" Outstanding for tapping and threading but $50/qt. Threads appear to be ground instead of cut. Very thin viscosity for penetration.
          "Dual Action #1, Smells powerful but lacks noticeable improvement over the others. Intended as replacement for "Original" but fails to come close.
          "Tapmatic Gold" Just like Tapmagic "Aqueous" A yellow colored
          Vegatible oil. Water cleanup. Smelly and slippery feeling.

          "Protap" Mostly oil, stinks when hot, good for tapping, handy dispenser
          "Cutting fluid" No noticeable difference with Protap
          "Aqueous" Vegatable oil and water, smelly, Clings well. Nothing to write home about.
          "Cutting Fluid for aluminum" Outrageous smell, even get complaints from wife smelling my clothes. Works well but no better than WD-40.

          ENCO #1: No smell or smoke, thick like surup, clings well, cheap, good for drilling steel. Washes off with water.

          WD-40: Best for aluminum. Waste of time as rust inhibitor.

          Pipe threading oil: Readily available, messy, smelly and smokes. But it works well for all machining, steel or aluminum. Good rust inhibitor.

          So much to learn, so little time


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            Gotta ask... Which one sold is "original" for the Tapmatic? →


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              Original Tap Magic

              They no longer sell the original because it has 1,1,1 trichloroethane. I still have a case, I doubt if I'll ever use it all. i only use it once in a while for really tough jobs.


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                Gotcha. 'shoulda figured that was what it was. That's a nice summary you wrote up. I'll double the disgust with Tap Magic Aluminum. I stopped using it because it was making me gag. Seriously, that stuff smells like me throwing up


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                  Originally posted by Arthur.Marks
                  Gotcha. 'shoulda figured that was what it was. That's a nice summary you wrote up. I'll double the disgust with Tap Magic Aluminum. I stopped using it because it was making me gag. Seriously, that stuff smells like me throwing up
                  rapid tap smells pretty bad too, smell gets into skin, hair, clothes and stays


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                    Sorry to drag this back up but....

                    I tried the Rapid tap and it was kinda rubbish, my Fastenal guy was able to get me some Tap Magic in the same size containers so I went with it (the cost was about the same).

                    What I didn't know was that the stuff I used to use was the "EP-Xtra" formula...and what I got from Fastenal was the "Pro-Tap" formula...big difference.

                    The smell was crummy but the main thing I hated was that it reacted with brass and copper in a way that my parts (brass) would turn green after coming in contact with it as well as leaving a green residue all over the machine surfaces that had any brass filings, chips etc.

                    It also would react to tool steel and turn it black-ish and cruddy my toolmaker's vise looks terrible after a short time exposed to this stuff.

                    Epilogue: I got some of the EP-Xtra from Grainger...longer drive but the results I'm used to.

                    You don't think such a simple thing could cause so much grief




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                      I have a can of "new" rapid tap that says no trichloroethane, but is older than I am that I use occasionally for tough tapping jobs. The stuff stinks like hell and isn't the best, but it's always been in my garage and works better than WD or 10W30.

                      I used to use some stuff called anchor lube I got from McMaster with good results. It's a goldish color and I believe was stated to be nuke compliant. It worked fairly well for both steel and Al and I'd probably buy more if I really felt I needed it.

                      In the shop I used to work at, we had a cup of straight CNC coolant which we brushed on undilluted. That seemed to work real well, but chips would get slimy and clog up occasionally. We used GC Lube and then switched to a similar Hangsterfer's brand coolant that was blue/green and I think nonchlorinated.

                      I have also used tap magic and tap magic for Al, but couldn't tell the difference versus any other brands really.

                      I'll use kroil in a pinch sometimes too.


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                        The plus of anchorlube was that it stated it was nontoxic


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                          The original Rapid Tap contained trichloroethane, and worked well, but toxic. In a previous life, we used to get trichloroethane, and add 20% to Ridgid Cutting oil for tapping Stainless and Monel - it worked great, but the consequences were deadly . We also used white lead to lube the centers on the cylindrical grinders. I am glad to see more 'User Frendly' products out there - life is short enough. Anchor Lube works well for tough materials, A9 for Alum - in a pinch WD40, or Varsol, but be careful -flammable.
                          Anyone that uses lube oil for cutting - give your head a shake - better than nothing, maybe, but not designed for that purpose, although WD40 & Varsol do work for aluminum.