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Ti Strip for DC-10 Thrust Reverser (Air France Concorde)

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  • Ti Strip for DC-10 Thrust Reverser (Air France Concorde)

    Does anyone have a link to a detailed description (possibly photos?) of
    how the strip of titanium was attached to the thrust reverser of the
    Continental DC-10 that preceeded Air France Concorde Flt 4590's
    take off?

    I have seen images of the strip and of the cut in Flt 4590's tire. I would
    like to see the section of the DC-10 that the strip detached from and if
    possible read the approved procedure for repairing the affection section.


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    Try here

    My brother was the goto guy at O'hare for the DC 10 because he had the all of the manuals. World Airways made sure every FBO maintenance rep had a full set of manuals. When the one flight lost an engine and crashed nearby, the FAA set up an office in his office.


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      See here:

      There are a raft of service bulletins that relate to the CF6-50 Thrust reverser translating cowl assembly and the hinges, pins, latches etc that require rework. It has also been the cause of other FOD accidents.

      However, it wasn't the real cause of the Concorde accident, only the proximate cause in that particular accident. The Concorde had the fuel tanks punctured by tire bursts on numerous previous occasions. The last time it caught fire. The root cause was a lack of protection from FOD striking the underside of the tank in the area of the gear.
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        From today's headlines. A lot of folks saying the titanium strip is a Red Herring for a Concorde design flaw:
        Concorde air crash: French court holds Continental, mechanic guilty

        A French court on Monday ruled that debris from a Continental Airlines plane had caused the tragedy that killed 113 people outside Paris 10 years ago while holding Continental Airlines and that one of its mechanics was guilty of involuntary homicide.

        A small strip of metal fell off the Continental DC-10 that took off minutes earlier puncturing a tire of the New York-bound Air France Concorde jet as it accelerated on the runway, a report by French air accident investigators had concluded in 2002.

        The tire disintegrated in seconds sending shards of rubber into the fuel tanks resulting in the plane crashing into a hotel near the airport with flames pouring from its undercarriage.
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          Thank you for the posts.

          While I am aware of the controversy that the decision of the French court
          has prompted, this is a metal working forum and I am interested in the matter
          of the apparent substitution of an alternate material in place of a specified
          material (Ti in place of Al).

          Edit: no attitude intended, just asking to let us leave politics at the portal.

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