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pricing on oxy/acetylene used gear?

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  • pricing on oxy/acetylene used gear?

    I've been thinking about selling a bunch of my oxyacetylene gear. I have really a lot - being a sucker for buying it up cheap. Anyway, I thought I'd make an attempt to at least quantify pricing with you guys. I have made up a little table of prices. This assumes you're going to buy a pair of cylinders on a cart, with regulators, hose, torch and perhaps extra. I know it is eminently possible to buy nearly anything really cheap if you find someone who doesn't know the value or doesn't care and just wants it gone. But this pricing doesn't reflect that - this is the pricing I'd sell to another savvy member from this list. I want it to be a lot less than new (obviously) but priced so the guy feels he got an OK deal and so do I. Assume all cylinders are full or nearly so.

    This pricing is reflective of the market in Western Washington State. YMMV.

    Please comment freely. The price list is here:


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    The prices don't look too bad. Your cylinder prices are about 50% to 60% of new around here (which is fair). I bought a brand new "Radnor by Harris"regulator on sale for $65 recently at my Airgas dealer. I don't like to use ANY old hose, throw that in as part of a package deal. I paid about $85 recently for a "like new" Harris model 16 torch handle (more than I wanted, but a friend made off with my original handle - extended loan).

    Current full retail prices here:

    All in all, pretty fair pricing for someone that actually is looking to buy. Having 3 O/A setups already, those prices wouldn't motivate me at all. I picked up a couple of "B" size acetylen tanks from an estate sale for $50 for the pair - one still had gas in it. A new "B" tank runs around $80 to $90 around here, sometimes you get the first fill thrown in.


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      You're right, Jim, I probably would throw in hose. Except if it's unusual hose. Grade T welding twinhose you can run propane in, and it's not nearly as common as grade R. Thus worth more. And if it's a whole bunch of nice hose totalling 150' in length or something, likewise it's worth more. Another special case is for 3/8" or 1/2" ID hose, or for hose with A fittings on one end and B on the other, or for Y fittings or manifolds .. it's really just a rough pricing guide.

      I don't think I've ever yet (since the '70s) had to pay full retail for anything except torch cutting tips, goggle elastics, and striker flints. Jeez, I bet I have 20 torch strikers!