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  • Custom Bore Bar Unit

    John stevenson gave mne a good idea. He suggested a bushing in the back of the chuck that a bore bar would slide into for heavy cast iron bore removal. Simple yet Brilliant in my simple mind/ Now where can you buy a small bore bar threaded unit that would be able to be fitted into siad bar so adjustment could be made with a allen key behind the cutting tip. This bar would be soundly supported at each end. The adjustment would lie withiun the bore bar cartridge so to speak. Any ideas where to get something like this??? Thanx Mike

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    I made one for line boring by using one of the round to square hole inserts from Carr Lane. I was able to thread the square portion to provide for adjustment.

    I used this to set the cutter protrusion;

    Jim H.


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      There are DeVlieg cartridges like this in sizes from 3/16" diameter I think on up. They come with carbide inserts, brazed on small ones and some indexable on larger units.

      Alternatively, you can roll your own like this. It takes a larger bar to incorporate so 1" is about a reasonable minimum unless you're good at working miniatures.

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        I like that, I shall have to go and make one


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          George H. Thomas's book "The Model Engineers Workshop Manual" has a really good design for one.



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            Thanx Guys

            Its like xmas came early for me. I am starting to get some work in again been a tough year. These units look good. I am working on my bar setup. Thanx for all the ideas. Mike