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  • Fray all angle mill

    Up for sale locally is a Fray all angle mill. I'm not intending to bid but it looks an interesting machine capable of moving in about 6 directions. Has anyone got any information or history on this brand? I'm assuming that they would have been for tool and die work


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    Just in case the link isn't showing properly.....

    John M...your (un)usual basement dweller


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      Start by looking on Tony's site;

      It is an interesting looking machine.
      Jim H.


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        I have a Fray #7 waiting for me to make time to get her back up & running. It is my understanding they were built in California from the 1930's to the 1950's.

        I had never seen one until I bought mine, and it appears for most of its life it has simply set in a corner. I like its size and flexibility, but of course with increased flexibility one looses rigidity.

        I plan to mount a single phase 1 1/2 HP motor to replace the original 1/2 HP 3 phase one. I also need to repair the factory feed unit and change out the 3 phase motor to a single phase.

        Mine has a purpose built Bridgeport head from the factory. When I contacted Tony in the UK he indicated that is a very unusual feature.


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          I've had a 10RH for a couple of years, not that I've done much with it besides use it for a drill press Back in August I got the itch to clean it up -

          I'm hoping to get a LOT more done to it after the holidays...



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            Just a few more people with Fray Mills

            David from jax
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              Fray all angle for sale in South Jersey

              hey all
              there is a fray ' all angle on our local craig's is the link $ 800.00
              Sure is tooooooo big for my hole in the wall...but the price seems reasonable if you can handle the' care and feeding of an older machine


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                Nice machine, interesting concept... Wonder if anyone has CNC'd one of these.
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                  As a purely manual machine, I would think the "versatility" may prove more trouble than it's worth. When you have three independent axis, you can keep track of things in your head. The minute you start adding eccentric movements for the head in the X axis, 2 rotational directions, and all sorts of other things... My head would explode! That, or I would be indicating the spindle/work location a whole lotta.