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I bought a southbend!!!

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    I don't have the chart on digital format and too big to fit in my scanner. Maybe I could try scanning 1/2 at a time. Do you have SB's "How to Run a Lathe".. I think the chart is in there.. good book and worth having.

    What cone pulley do you need? The lathe I just bought was missing the horizontal counter shaft. I made one following the plans from the yahoo SB site. Made the 3 step cone pulley out of maple.. we'll see how it holds up.

    Fred.. thanks for the heads up on eBay. Forty five dollars is not too bad for the gear and plans but I think I'll try making the thread dial follwing the article in Machinist's Workshop. After all.. that is what our machines are for.


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      Dhammer, I am getting that book for Christmas.
      Im glad to hear its in that book. The cone pulley is the one that goes on the lathe, with the back gear. Mine is gouged a little, and a tooth is missing from it.

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        Isn't there a chart plate attached to the change gear cover? If not, I will take a picture of mine and post it. Also, How to Run a Lathe does have a readable image of the chart in it.
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          i ve got a box full of sb 9 goodies -
          no 1/2 nut though- if you let me know what bits you need i will have a look .


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            Upon further inspection of my lathe and cone pulley, The tooth is not really missing, It was fixed by drilling 2 studs into it, and filing them to the gear profile. Only problem was that I could not see that with the covers on, looked as if there was no tooth!]
            Thistle, Thanks for offer.
            Im going to buy some half nuts from a dealer to solve that one problem.
            I am wondering though, is tehre any gibs that hold the saddle to the bed? On the far side there is that big clamp, but on the apron side, there is only the locking clamp. I guess it does both?


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              Bill, when it is time to put the spindle back in, you will have to depress the 2 oil wicks. If you look, you will find a small hole just above each oil cup. Press the wick down below the surface of the bearing and slide a small rod in to the hole to hold them down. Once the spindle is back in place pull the rods out. John


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                you are correct. there is no gib on that side. i run my clamp snug to keep the apron from lifting when i part off or face to center. turning and boring i run it loose and it works fine.
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