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buying a 4" vise

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  • buying a 4" vise

    Hi list

    This question is directed to our Canadian friends and their experience with buying a 4" vise from a Canadian supplier. As a newbe I am open to surggestions and recomendation on a 4" vise something of reason quality with minimal to no jaw lift with stock tightened down. Would also consider a 4" tilting vise.

    Now a 4" Kurt vise would be a nice addition but not at half the cost of my Craftex mini mill so lets not even go there.
    Also shipping from the US via UPS is out of the question. Burned once twice shy, UPS sucks big time.

    Welcome your comments or suggestions.

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    They are not a Canadian supplier but take a look at the top of this page. I bought mine from Glacern Machine Tools. Really nice people and a great product.

    I don't know about the shipping, maybe they could send it USPS or FedEx?


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      Machine tool warehouse in Cambridge Ont. now sell Glacern vises.

      4" $249.00 CDN
      6" $329.00 CDN ?? (not sure of that price)

      When you compare the cost to US pricing and figure in what brokerage and duty would be, those are very good prices for that equipment.
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        Glacern vises

        Seeking hands on advise from a user...!!

        What can you tell me about the quality of a 4" Glacern vise for use on a mini mill?

        Veteran - I served our country because it was the right thing to do.


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          I bought a 5" Glacern and it's a good vise. Much better value than the less expensive vises.


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            I chose a pair of 5" Glacern for use on a Mill/Drill with a 9 x 29" table
            (Craftex B1977).

            IMO, the 6" Kurt D675 and its clones are a big vise for this class of
            machine. I felt a 4" vise would come up short of capacity too many
            times to be satisfactory.

            Build quality of the Glacern has not disappointed. The price & frt
            tally to a reasonable figure.

            A speed handle from Enco has been a welcome accessory.



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              I bought the 4" vice for use on my Millrite mill. For me the size is just fine. I thought the 6" would be larger than necessary.

              The quality is excellent in my opinion.



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                Well this isn't a Canuk supplier but for the size of your mill and the relatively light duty the average HSM type puts on the vice. I bought a Accupro 4" screwless vice thru MSC industrial.Hardened and ground on all 6 sides to .0002, When I ordered it I wasn't expecting perfection but I can say it's the nicest vice of that type I've ever seen. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. They also make larger and smaller ones. Mine was around $180 about 5 yrs. ago. Just one more option for you to consider.



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                  I purchased a 4" "griplock" style from KBC (8-251-004) a few years ago and have been very happy with it. It is made in Taiwan and the fit and finish is excellent. My mill has an 8x30 table and it is perfect for the machine's throat depth.



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                    I have a pair of these 3 inch vises that I got from KMS Tools. They seem well made but do not have the angle lock feature and the stock does need a tap with a hammer to seat it.

                    I think they will be a good size for the mini mill you have. If I remember rightly they cost about $125.00. I like having the matched set because I can gang them up for longer stock. Not long ago I cut a round bottomed groove in a ten foot long piece of stock by ganging them, cutting the length of my table, then backing off and moving the stock forward and starting again.
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