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  • OT: Ice skating!

    My darling 8 year old daughter smiled turned her head a little sideways and batted her big beautiful eyes at me to take her Ice skating this afternoon. She had never been on ice skates but inline skates with her friends.

    I haven't been on ice skates for 40 years. So off we set to the indoor ice skating rink. Rent skates and on the ice we go. I can tell you it took me a few trips around to get my legs back. Now when I was young I played hockey and in winter I lived on my ice skates. So I figured I would get on the ice and be 18 again. Wrong. Although I keep fit, it was not so easy for me. Although my daughter and wife were impressed I was not impressed with my skating. If it is true you are only as old as you feel then I am at least 300 years old!
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    We have primary custody of my Niece, who is 8 too.
    She wanted to skate a few years back. She since has had private lessons twice a week for over a year, had competitions, has professional skates etc. She can skate backwards, glide one one foot either direction, spin, jump etc.

    I went on the ice with her twice. I did not fall down, but was sore for a day after, each time. It helps when you can afford to get good skates. The ones at the rink kill my ankles. Her coach is my age, but can still skate like a pro. Heck, there is a fellow my fathers age who now skates very well. He just did it everyday for about 6 months. It's a matter of practice.


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      I learned to skate 60 years ago, pushing a wooden chair around an ice rink cleaned off on a local pond. I played hockey, went to skate at winter skating parties----even cut my grandmothers Victrola phonograph stand in half with a handsaw so it could be lugged to the pond on a toboggan to provide skating music for the girls at a skating party.--Got in severe $%#@ for that one. Fast foreward 25 years to when my own daughter wanted to learn to skate at 4 years old. I bought skates, took her to the local arena---and found I was so fat and out of shape that it nearly killed me!!! Ah, damn---we get old, don't we.
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        My last time on skates was my last time on skates. Was at a birthday party for my (then) 7 year-old granddaughter. I initially wasn't going to go onto the ice, but memories of hockey playing 40 years ago as a teenager compelled me to try it once more.

        Everyone was surprised to see me show up on the ice, and surprised at my performance. I impressed all my sons-in-law who had also played hockey, and my granddaughters who were figure skaters. I skated frontwards, backwards, sideways - all the moves you needed to do when playing hockey.

        I even impressed myself - right up until I fell over. Did no permanent damage, but wrenched the arthritis in both shoulders bad enough that I felt it for months afterward.
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          skating NOT!

          Newly wed and hating to be shown up by my new bride we went to the local
          Sporting goods store and purchased new skates for the both of us, hers white high tops and myself black high tops.
          ok at the new frozen water spot that the small town fathers had furnished, we placed said skates upon feet and- hey she is half way around the pond and i dont have mine on. so i slowly get to my blades and fall down, get up and fall harder and yes down too. again get to my blades and fall even harder.
          after lying there a while i crawl to the edge and take the darn things off, and when home hung them up on the shop wall.
          Some 30 yrs later a friend was looking at my treasures and ask about the "new looking skates"- turns out he could skate and went home with them if he promised never to let me see them again.


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            You don't mention the skating rink in the borough I live in unless you want a long rant about how the local council sold the land the rink was on in the '70s for redevelopment. They got a 'promise' from the developers they would contribute to a new rink. When the council finally called them on it they just got the heave ho. No money.

            So we lost our rink, and some fat cats got nice aparetments overlooking the river.

            Nearest rink is now the best part of an hour's drive. Still, the daughters have dragged me off there a few times in the last few years. If only they'd do it more ofter, I'd buy decent skates. The rental ones hurt, and they're blunt. You can drift sideways they're so blunt.

            I find it's a sport where I don't feel my age - probably because I'm *****footing around so much. Anytime I put some energy in it I'm in serious danger of taking several peaceful skaters with me ! Stopping wsa never my strong point. I could overlap round the corners with my inside hand dragging the ice, but sideways skid stops - no never got the hang of those.
            Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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              We have a picture of my grandfather skating along happily..... when my father was maybe 8 or 10. Grandpa would then have been about 65.... my father was born when Grandpa was almost 60.

              The skating part comes back fairly easily...... the getting up after hitting the ice part is not so good as it was back when.....

              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                Next day after skating

                So now it is the following morning after skating. Great news! I can still walk.

                I had knee surgery a few months ago and so I took it pretty safe yesterday on the ice. I did not fall down and didn't try to impress myself or anyone else. At least with age comes the wisdom to recognize your limitations and work within those boundaries.

                At six O'clock this morning when I woke my daughter her first words after good morning were "when can we go skating again?"

                I am in trouble I think!
                Location: The Black Forest in Germany

                How to become a millionaire: Start out with 10 million and take up machining as a hobby!


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                  I "WAS" quite a decent roller skater 50 years ago. I had been on my skates a few times in the last 20 years but not more recently than
                  about 5 or 6. Went with a former worker last winter and found I
                  could do all right forward but when I tried to do a 3 turn fell down and
                  messes up my hand. After removing my skates found my left toes
                  so messed up it took months to recover. So the good old skates are
                  on permanant retirement now. They were the very best back in the
                  late 50s when I bought them. :-)


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                    Black Forest....

                    You ARE in trouble now !
                    Glad to hear you can still walk.

                    If you have the time/the bones to relearn skating, give her lessons yourself.

                    Have fun !


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                      i went skating some years ago and enjoyed it very much BUT after the skating session the inside of my thighs were very sore so without thinking i put some HEAT liniment on my sore muscles the fumes from this stuff went up and as a result i spent half the night sitting in a snow bank lol i never went skating again beware !!!!!!!!!


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                        Last time I skated, it wore a hole or two in my feet within an hour... Right down to the nerves. Still have a scar on my left foot. Took me a week before I could wear shoes again. I'll stick to walking..
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                          I used to skate quite a bit when I was younger. I am now past 60 and I think that skating is like deciding to ride a motorcycle. From the moment you decide to skate again, it's just a matter of time before you hit the ground.
                          Gravity is a bitch. Falling is easy, stopping is hard.
                          I still ride.
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