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Adjusting bandsaw wheels

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  • Adjusting bandsaw wheels

    Anyone have any basic rules for adjusting a horizontal bandsaw to make the blade track? I have never touched the adjustment before, its an Ellis 2000. The blade is tracking to the inside on the front wheel so much so that the back edge is rubbing the housing and have created a nice groove I will have to fix in the future.

    So imagine as if you were looking at the front wheel from the side, such that the top of the wheel is 12 oclock, 3 at 90 degrees clockwise, 6 at 180 and so on. Since the wheel is adjustable only in the 90 - 270 axis, does tilting the wheel in at 3 move the blade out or maybe its backwards. The Ellis site has no info on this at all.
    James Kilroy

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    The wheels on the saw are crowned, and the blade follows the high point. You'll need to move the 9 o'clock position away from the body of the saw to correct the problem you've described.

    That's assuming the saw looks like most I've seen and used, which are similar to this:

    It would be nice to see a picture of your saw with the blade covers removed just to be sure.
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      Thanks, the saw is of similar configuration to the example you provided. I'll give that a try in the morning and report on my results.
      James Kilroy


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        Getting the blade to track just right is a pain in the butt -- you have to loosen the blade tensioner, loosen the screws on the tensioning block, change the screws that set the tracking, tighten the blade tensioning screws, then re-tension the blade. Run and see where it tracks. Rinse, repeat...
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          I copied a couple of pages of adjusting instructions in pdf for an Ellis 3000 I have. If you think they will help you PM me with an email address and I will send them to you. The site does not allow me attachments.

          Basically the object is to get the blade teeth to stick out past the wheels and not ride of the rubber portion. I adjust mine so the teeth stand proud approx 1/4 inch. On the plate that the tension knob pulls back are 2 bolts sticking out. They are obvious with 2 locking nuts on them and adjust the tracking for the idler wheel if I remember correctly. (I have not had to make an adjustment for a long time.) Again this is for a 3000.


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            Originally posted by jkilroy
            Anyone have any basic rules for adjusting a horizontal bandsaw to make the blade track?

            Blade Tracking and Adjustment for 4x6 Metal Cutting Bandsaws


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              With my vertical woodworking bandsaw I turn it by hand (disconnected of course) while I fiddle with the tracking. This way I can easily see exactly what effect my adjustments have. If your horizontal has a worm drive you may not be able to do this...
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                The horizontal saws have a flange on the back of their wheels. Be careful to not track the blade so it runs tight against that 1/8" high flange. It will wear the flange off if you do.


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                  No flange on these wheels. Thanks for the help, the instructions from Ridgerunner were on the spot. Didn't take me five minutes to get it running straight as as arrow, cutting like a dream now, better than before even.
                  James Kilroy