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  • OT - Anti drink driving

    OT. But with Xmas fast approaching a timely reminder about drink driving.
    I just received this in an e-mail. Very sobering.

    Great Aussie Anti Drink Driving Campaign!

    This needs to passed around to every human being who has the keys to a vehicle and the capability of driving while under the influence with impaired judgement and the possibility of causing a life changing incident to happen to everyone he or she comes in contact with while in this condition.
    This is perhaps one of the most intense commercials that I've ever seen and damn well made. It is a compilation from various Anti Drink driving warning campaigns over the last 20 years, from the state of Victoria, Australia.

    I hope that by passing this along to others, that it will make a difference and if just one life is saved, it will all be worth the effort to simply hit "send" and maybe save a life today or tomorrow or in the future.. I think that Australia should be complemented on having the guts to "tell it like it is" and get this campaign out to all of it's licensed drivers and to air it on is very moving and very life like so it has a very strong impact this holiday season. Please pass it along to all of your friends and maybe you can be responsible for saving some lives. Wouldn't that be a great Christmas Present.
    Check this ad from Australia

    Please click on

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    Thank you, Bollie7. I've sent the link out over the student list serve here at the university. I was extremely upset to learn that, in our state, the penalty for speeding in a work zone or littering was greater than the penalty for a first offense DUI. What the hell?


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      Originally posted by Fasttrack
      Thank you, Bollie7. I've sent the link out over the student list serve here at the university. I was extremely upset to learn that, in our state, the penalty for speeding in a work zone or littering was greater than the penalty for a first offense DUI. What the hell?
      You also must realize their insurance will be over $3000 a year until the points drop,

      In Indiana
      First Drunk Driving Conviction

      * Class “C” Misdemeanor
      * Jail – From 30 Days Minimum to 60 Days
      * Jail – Up to 1 Year (BAC .15 or Above)
      * Fine – Up to $500
      * Fine – Up to $5,000 (BAC .15 or Above)
      * License Suspension – Up to 2 Years
      * Court Fees – At Least $300
      * Probation – Up to 2 Years


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        We have very strict laws here now. Anything over one drink (BAC .05) will most likely get you busted and that means your car is confiscated for a week as well as very significant fines in the thousands and possible jail time. We also have very strict laws regarding excessive speed. Very recently a couple of guys were road racing near Vancouver. One of the vehicles was a $350,000 Ferrari that the owner was driving for the first time. They were driving more than double the speed limit and were caught. The cars were permanently confiscated and sold at auction. The Ferrari dealer bought back the Ferrari. One third of the value of the Ferrari was kept by the Province, one third went to the co-owner who wasn't driving and the remaining third went back to the driver less fines. He also lost his license. In effect his fine for speeding amounts to around one third the value of the car. How he settles with the co-owner is his problem.
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          Here in NSW Australia the penalties are quite severe, particularly for novice drivers.
          The system here when you first get your licence you are on "Red" provisional or P plates. You are on red "P's" for 12 months and restricted to no faster then 90 kph (55mph) After 12 months you progress to Green "P's" (provided you haven't been naughty) for another 2 years and limited to 100kph (approx 62mph)
          All "P" platers have a 0% blood alcohol, and if they are caught with any alcohol in their system, its automatic licence suspension for a minimum 3 months for the 1st offence. No if or buts.
          Full licence holders are allowed .05% blood alcohol. Above that the penalties range from $1100 fine and/or licence suspension to $3300 fine and possible 18months gaol for the first offence.
          I have two boys, both on P's and them and their mates all seem to be pretty responsible when it comes to drinking and driving. They will organise a "deso" (designated driver, who's turn it is to not drink that night and drive everyone home)
          The problem is the morning after. Have a real issue getting it into their skulls that if they get on a bender and don't stop drinking until 3 or 4 am then they will probably still have a fair bit in their system at 9am the next morning.
          We had a bloke riding a push bike who was hit and killed near here last week. 6.30 am, hit by a driver who was DUI and texting on his mobile phone. Pretty sad.


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            We have a similar New driver system here. Caught driving with any alcohol and you can apply to drive again a year later.
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              Ohio gives convicted drunk drivers a license plate that is yellow with red letters!!!!


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                My girlfriends boss got smashed last weekend, not drunk, but head on with a drunk driver, second offense, no insurance, no license, and a list of driving offenses(and others) that would make your head spin, including a hit and run a few months ago. Texting of course and was able to run away from the accident.

                The old lady's boss is home with a bunch of broken bones, but her husband was recently put into an induced coma. Crushed leg, crushed lung and some other stuff, massive blood transfusions, helicopters and all the fun stuff.

                I'm on 2 sides of the fence here. People are going to drink and people are going to try and get home. I don't see very many programs that help people get home. The money is all thrown into enforcement, and billboards about how screwed you are if you do it.

                You've got tons of people sitting collecting money for doing nothing, put their asses to work driving people home, and the big one, back to get their car in the morning. Taxi cabs, especially in the sticks, can cost MASSIVE money.

                On the other side, the stiffer penalties have lowered the amount of people getting nailed, people are scared of doing it. So now they want to lower the limits and increase the road blocks to get their #'s back up. The casual drinker is pretty darn leary now.

                The people that are driving now blown out of their shorts, just don't care, 3rd, 4th, 12th or as happened in this state recently 22nd DUI, they just don't care. There is a point where they need to land their ass in jail, and then when they get out, they just won't care.

                I doubt there are many adults that have never driven drunk, I know the "surveys" say only about 13% or so have, I don't believe that.

                I got nailed about 15 years ago, it sucked. I was in court like 5 times. Due to the courts being totally screwed up I ended up losing my license for 4 months instead of 3. The money part was tough, $95 to get my car back, $600 for a lawyer, $25 to get out of jail, $240 court fee, $540 probation fee, $550 for drunk driving classes, $335 to get my license back, plus all the other crap fees in there. Almost 15% of my take home that year.

                I did 17(14?) weeks of drunk school, which was actually kind of fun. 1 year of probation, which wasn't bad, my PO was cool, she had 600 F-ups to keep track of, I just had to call her once a month and not get arrested. 1 night in jail, 5 days of work missed for court, 4 months of bumming rides to my 2 jobs(at the time).

                It screwed my life up, not so bad that I couldn't keep being a productive member of society, but not so light that I'd do it again.

                Its a double edged sword, the penalty needs to be stiff enough to discourage the first time offender, but not so stiff it completely ruins their life. 2nd time offense needs to be stiff enough to seriously discourage the 2nd time offender, but not so stiff that it ruins the life of a guy that had a DUI 15 years ago, timed his beers and left 5 minutes early and blew just at the limit and got nailed for 49 in a 45, just as the speed limit dropped to 45.

                I'm not sure where I stand on it, penalties and what not. I'd be for much higher penalties if money was put into getting people home safe, not just nailing them.

                Edit: When I got my DUI, I deserved it, and I have no tolerance for people that just don't care, but its so hard for the law to differentiate. When it hits #2 in a few years or #7 period, I don't think there is a question.
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                  I'm on 2 sides of the fence here. People are going to drink and people are going to try and get home.
                  There aren't two sides to this question/problem. I think that driving over a very low limit should be grounds for permanent revocation of your driving license on the first offense. There is no defense for driving impaired.
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                    People drive impaired all the time. On phone, texting, drinking coffee, women bent over rummaging thru the passenger side looking in their hand bag (always see that one...) women driving straight ahead with their head turned 180 degrees to the back seat chiding their child/children, men Black-berrying, (if that is a word)

                    Saw a guy definitely driving drunk, drinking out of a paper bag, delayed response when the light turned green, driving herky-jerky about 10 miles below the speed limit, then taking another swig. He was actually doing pretty good, better than alot of so called sober drivers I've seen.
                    The hard core law-and-order stuff doesn't work, at least doesn't really make us any safer, but I guess it impresses the plebians.


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                      There seems to be a hardcore of drinkers who are incorrigible. For them, the very strict penalties are appropriate and may serve as some detterent. For the casual drinker, I think very strong prevention programs that make it easier to not drive after drinking may be in order. For example, in areas where there are alot of bars, the police or volunteers could run free Breathalyzer checkpoints. If a person were in doubt as to their fitness, they could take the test. If they blow over the limit, an area could be provided for them to sober up for a while, they could call for a ride and have a safe place to wait, or there could be waiting cabs lined up as at an air terminal. Such a program would remove any excuse for driving impaired. I don't think most people who drive impaired do so with criminal intent, they're just hoping to get home.


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                        Personally know a guy who had 5 DUI convictions. Cops let him alone until someone had to write up some tickets to fill a quota or something, then he was busted. Could drive coupla months them, bam. Alcohol killed him off before he hurt anyone.
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                          True story.

                          I was without a car for awhile due to economic factors.

                          In this region if you do not drive you are considered sub-human and not worth the time and effort of employing. See everyone without a car... either you are a coke-head, a heroin-stork or a drunkard. There is no allowance for "can't afford a car on minimum wage." You take the bus, God save you because you'll be unemployable.

                          Anyway. What opened my eyes to this was an incident at a job interview.

                          Went well up to the point where the owner asked me what kind of car I owned. This is a standard filter question around here: You don't own a car you don't work.

                          I told him I was without a car for the moment but I could bike, bus, walk or even roller-skate to work because we're talking a distance of less than five miles.

                          It got very very quiet and he said he needed to see my papers from the program.

                          I asked him "what do you mean?"

                          Got quiet again and he said unless I was in some kind of program for my problem he wasn't going to hire me. Show him that I was getting help and he would hire me as a janitor on a provisional basis.

                          Now it's quiet again and I ask him "what problem? The only problem I have is I can't afford a car on minimum wage."

                          His reply to THAT was "stop spending your money on drugs and you'll be able to afford a car."


                          In his mind, the ONLY logical explanation for not owning a car was addiction.

                          It doesn't occur to some people that scraping $500 for a car and $500 for insurance is impossible when you are only making minimum wage 30 hours a week and trying to pay rent and an electric bill as well.

                          Ah well, ****'em. Company went out of business, I got to pick through the remains at auction not that long ago.
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                            Liger Zero, during the recession of the early eighties, I had the exact opposite problem. I lost my job, my apartment, and was sleeping in my van doing odd jobs for cash. Went for a job interview, took a general knowledge test (some really obscure questions), gave them a friend of mine's phone number and hung out at his place for a few days waiting for a call. They call, and the women who interviewed me told me that in spite of the fact I'd tested higher than any applicant they'd ever interviewed, they weren't going to hire me because I was too "rough looking". For a job in a metal working shop! Most people have no idea how hard it is to work your way back up after getting laid that low, due in no small part to asumptions made by people such as the guy who interviewed you.


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                              I love the Ohio method, but they don't do that unless you have had TWO dui's within 10 years. I believe the measure barely passed, there congress was worried people would suffer a stigma! I hope so.
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