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  • tripped over a couple of tips

    I have been working on converting an old Burke #3 to a screw feed #4. I have nearly all the parts (anyone have parts for a #4?). The knee I purchased had the Z axis feed screw cut off so I have some 5/8" LH acme rod and a LH nut I will machine and use but the brass collar for the table feed screw was for the original (larger diameter) screw. I took out the threaded collar from my original knee and it was stuck badly. I cleaned it up and filed the threads so the collar is fine but when I went to install it I saw that the threads in the casting were messed up. It is a 7/8"X18 tpi thread. There was nowhere around me that carried a tap so I could chase the threads so I went about making a tap with my old Sheldon EXL. I didn't know the type of steel I was using from the scrap pile but it was not hard enough to chase the threads and the home made tap was tried a 2nd time with yet another piece of sCRAP with the same results. In all the stuff I have in my shop I thought there had to be something with this thread. I spotted my T handle tap wrench and sure enough it uses this thread. I took the collet off the tap wrench and chased the threads and the collar/bushing went in fine so if you ever need this size thread you likely have a source.
    On another accidental find I noticed that a clamp kit I got in a box of stuff at a yard sale uses 3/8 acme LH thread. This kit allows one to make the large wood clamps with the handles that spin in both hands to tighten and loosen. Ths kit comes with 4 round nuts that are drill perpendicular and may come in handy for a cross feed or compound nut repair as could the acme threaded rods. Just FYI.
    Hampstead, NC
    (still looking for a few Burke #4 items

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    You may want to look at this #4 restoration on SFT. Lots of good information here:

    I own a Burke #4, also. Wish I had the universal table, but don't. There was one that went pretty cheaply on Ebay recently (like $300), and it may be parted out, so keep your eyes open for parts.

    I have some of the manuals and parts lists on my site.


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      The restorer, Mac, at SFT is a super guy. I'll bet he would keep his eye peeled for the parts you need.. PM him.