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tattoo machine builders?

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  • tattoo machine builders?

    howdy new to this forum and was just wondering if there are any other tattoo machine builders here?

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    Was till starvation forced early retirement.

    THey went from 300 on ebay to 80.. Chinese manufactured machines..

    The old ugly iron, baked black sell for more than stainless. This tells lots about the people purchasing them.

    I have owned machines made in prison, antique machine, My prefrence is stainless steel swing gate heavy machines. I have made Square wave coil (points replacers) machines with two different coil sizes, V-based coil machines, Wound my own, sold coil winders. One interesting variant was the magnets inserted into the armature, it worked great.

    Not enough money in it to mess with.



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      I'm here.



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        right on zinom ive seen you on some of the other forums.....


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          The neat ones always sell.

          My favorite is the traditional style spider-web machines made with stainless wire. They sell. Kinda light to tattoo with thou. I experimented with a stacked electro-magnet doughnuts, with uhmw slider with magnets. It was like using a large pen. The air-operated machines are pretty neat, light and easy to detail with. The rotary machines have been a joke from the beginning.

          I got the schematics for the square-wave generator I earlier spoke of. Simple, you can make with a drill press and sharpie marker and some ferric chloride. It uses a 556 (dual) timer with associated resistors, speed pot, wave width pot, and uses a opto-22 module for output. A tip120 could be substituted for cost. Scanner is down, I can photo-copy and mail you one if you are interested.

          Fun to play with. There are about ten tattoo shops here in my home area. Each shop makes about 250-500 a week. Not enough to pay my child support. I sure miss the "Good" shop I had in Colorado springs Co. I was making pretty good here, before I moved into the "motorcycle shop". LOcation, Location, Location......



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            man, you aint kiddin about all the new shops opening up. its makin it hard for everyone to survive in this business. fortunatly we stay steady in this area (northern west virginia)but we could always use more. so, through the slow periods i just work on building machines, mostly brass but some irons. all of which are the good old electromagnetic coils.


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              Next to a military base, close to a college, close to a large tourist attraction.. You are set. Location Location Location....

              I have made the old style percy waters machines from brass, took the wrap off the coils and put friction electrical tape on them.. YOU'D be surprised to see what they bring...

              You weld up or cut down your frames? I learned to tig by welding tattoo machines up.

              Get into the catalog.. you find a collet (shaft collar) 5/16ths, two bolt or single.. You got the choke premade for your frame, just weld it on. Get 5/16ths stainless instrument tubing you can purchase 20 feet for about 60$ I think the tubes cut out at 4 1/4" long?.. Lots of tubes to be had out of a 20 foot piece. In Sturgis SD to set up you have to have 25 liners, 25 shaders sterilized and set up, I made enough for all of us in OUR bus... For tube tips, use animal hypodermic needles from your local farm supply, take your 3's and round shaders with you to size them perfect. I kinda prefer the flat magnums lately thou. Silver solder them together and file the tip back round and sand smooth. I have some single needle tubes that fit a single needle perfect, where the tip goes the needle lines.