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  • Mystery Mini Collet

    Local swap meet seller has these small collets for sale, does anybody recognize them? Are they desirable, should I be picking these up? If so what should I pay?

    Notice similar here:
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    I have heard of levin. Probably for a watch makers lathe. Likely quite valuable if you were to resell on ebay otherwise not really of any use to you.
    Sorry didnt see the link in your post. You could try to search on ebay to find a price but I would think unless you got the collets for a couple of bucks its not worth your time.
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      Levins are watch lathes. Those tapered threaded arbors are for mounting buffing wheels,I suppose. Except,they are a bit different from the buffing arbors I have seen. Usually the threads taper down to a point.

      I don't see anything of practical use there. Just more junk to clutter up a drawer.


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        The arbors are for "roll cartriges" (random picture from google)


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          Oh,I had forgotten about them!


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            I have always wanted a Levin instrument lathe. Somewhere between a watchmakers lathe and a precision bench lathe (Hardinge)

            Surprisingly they are still in business. Seeing what they want for new D collets I would pick them up for resale.

            Jon Bohlander
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              Good grief...$121 and up...that's insane. I see them going unsold on ebay for $16.
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                There are a couple possible sizes, the watchmaker type is generally 8mm shank.

                They are not a mine of money, not THAT rare, but the "Levin" ones may be nicer in some way. Old collets are often "sprung", or worn oversize, etc, etc. A "sprung" Levin is no better than a "sprung" Boley.

                I got a box of them, mostly good, Boley, a Levin or two, some Moseley, for $25, with a lathe thrown in.

                Keep eye on ball.
                Hashim Khan


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                  Levin "D" collets. Unless there's a fairly complete set for dirt cheap save your money.


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                    OK, I'll leave these alone. Thanks.


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                      Yes, they look just like Boleys, or small Lorch collets.

                      Any collet is useful if and only if you have a lot of them, or better a full set. It's easy to make up adaptors to fit one type of collet into a larger socket.

                      My Lorch uses a larger version of those - with a 20mm diameter shank. I'm about to (I think) make an adaptor to have them fit into the MT4 taper of a larger lathe I've acquired. It's worth it for me, because I've almost a full set.

                      But because I've almost a full set, the ones I'm missing have become something I'll pay well over the odds for.

                      Nice thing about these longer collets is they have good directional accuracy, like R8 collets. I don't think 5C collets are quite so good in this respect, being rather stubby in comparison.
                      Richard - SW London, UK, EU.