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  • Expandable mandrels

    I see ENCO has a set of five, 1/2 to 1" expandable mandrels on sale for $90. Often I find it necessiary to turn the OD of washers and bushings, and am getting tired of having to gyp job the task by other means. Does anyone have these mandrels, and how good do they actually work? Or is there a better substitute?

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    They work just fine. I find them highly useful---they get 10x's the use of the solid mandrels I own. I've turned some proportionally large pieces held on ID with them. Best if you mount with an arbor press, but make sure you give your bore a kiss of oil or you'll never get them off!

    Good price, reasonable accuracy, well finished.


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      Agreed that they are handy, and the $90.00 price is very attractive.

      This type of mandrel is very handy for turning bushings and other parts with a finished bore, but are not so good for washers with a very narrow gripping area. They are designed more for grinding applications and light cuts are the order of the day.
      Jim H.