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  • Grizzly mill G3616

    Awhile back I posted a question regarding this mill. I have since had some email conversations with Grizzly asking about the grade of the spindle bearings. I got a reply the other day stating that the bearings are 'D' or P5. I did some internet searching and have come up with somewhat of a match to ABEC ratings and supposedly a P5 is comparable to an ABEC 5. The numbers from the 2 grading systems are like American and Japanese spark plugs, one goes up and the other goes down.
    My question is, if in fact they are comparable to ABEC 5 is this a reasonable bearing set or should I be looking at something else?

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    You can keep looking until you lose interest in buying a mill.

    Its very hard to make a decision on the import stuff, they are all from a handfull of factories over their. Some are extremely high priced and others priced where they should be. A fancy paint job and a couple of decals that say Knuth or whatever will make the price jump.

    For hobby and occasional use they will all work fine. Just buy one and have a ton of fun and fulfilment making chips.


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      Here's the spec's:
      You're talking the difference between 5-7 microns (P5) and 2.5-3 microns (P4). To put that in perspective, that is P5 = 0.0002-0.00028" vs. P4 = 0.000098-0.00012"

      I'll let you decide.