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    Originally posted by form_change
    Thanks guys - a couple there to investigate. The account thing is the real killer - most of the couriers don't want to know you if you are not a business

    I have used several small carriers for items which required a pallet or two to transport them , all I have done is to check on private trucking companies in the area where the machine or parts are and arrange with them to get it to you sometimes it may take a couple of weeks to come from Sydney /Newcastle region to Central Qld but for $250 to $400.00 for two tons is ok as it would have cost me far more to drive down and collect them myself , time away from work and fuel etc.

    NQX are reasonable if you know someone in a business and arrange with the business to get the item sent to them and you pay the costs .



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      Policy change?

      Originally posted by form_change
      A month from the US is around the top limit. McMaster send to me via DHL and it takes around a week; other shippers (Amazon etc) take a week or two.

      Smaller stuff (under say 15kg/ 30 lbs) can be sent via Australia Post and I've had Simon National do machines for me very well. It's the medium things that are the problem (15kg to say 100kg) that are the problem. Too heavy for the post but not heavy/ big enough to interest a trucking concern.

      Interesting post Michael.

      I was advised by McMaster-Carr (USA) not all that long ago, that they were no longer selling product to OZ and others outside the USA.

      I take it that situation/policy has since been retracted.

      Any advise please?


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        I've never been told by McMaster that they don't want my money - I place orders and they fill them for me.
        It might help that I have things sent to my work address and I don't order anything until the potential order is a reasonable size (say $75 or more). I keep a "McMaster" list in a drawer for this reason. It means that I only place an order 3 or 4 times a year but for a supply company little orders are a pain. I also try not to go too long without placing an order so I don't get classed as inactive. I figure as long as I make it worthwhile for them I shouldn't get dumped.
        I hope I haven't jinxed things...


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          Over-seas orders


          It seems that I was wrong as regards McM-C as they ere not taking on new orders or customers from over-seas but established customers of which it seems you are one.

          BusyBee (Canada) seems to refuse all overseas orders.

          Here are the emails from BusyBee (Canada) and McMaster-Carr (USA):


          22 August 2009
          Dear Customer,
          Thank you for your email.

          We regret we do not ship out of Canada.

          We appreciate your interest in our products.

          Please reply to [email protected]
          Attention: Customer Service

          From: my name To: <[email protected]>
          Sent: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 23:48:29 +1000
          Subject: Export to Australia


          Busy Bee


          Please advise me as to whether or not Busy Bee can export tools or spares etc. to Australia and if so, where will I find the postage and handling and customs/impost duty (if applicable).

          my name and address panel


          From: [email protected] <[email protected]

          Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2009 1:11 AM

          To: me

          Subject: Your order with McMaster-Carr


          Due to the ever-increasing complexity of U.S. Export regulations, McMaster-Carr has decided to only accept orders from a few, long-established customers of ours overseas. We cannot accept your order and regret any inconvenience this causes you.




          I have no trouble with any other dealers in the USA (and there are a few) or the UK or Europe.


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            Yes those damn export regulations like... hmmmmmmmm.... wait I will think of one soon...
            Precision takes time.