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    Hello all!...Good news/bad news.....Bad first....Have to retire my 1945 South Bend heavy 10. I have been using it since 1983. It was worn out when I bought it. My girlfriend walked behind me the other day and said" that thingy on the end is pointing down" (tailstock). The cross slide has a huge bow in it.(change the cross slide nut 3 times) The carriage drops at least.025 near the headstock. Belt slips off a few times a day. I love the ergonomics of the lathe. The bed is waist high...just right

    Good.....just brought in the shop tonight (before it snows a used Clausing Metosa 14x40 has a lever collet closer, Sony readout, Aloris tool post with 12 holders, cam lock 3 jaw with micro adjust Buck chuck, steady rest, Albright drill chuck and a assortment of tailstock centers. We gave it a rough cleaning.....Hopefully get to clean it up and get it into place in the next month or so.......Now where to buy a service and parts book..... Dean

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    The Heavy 10... No chance of rebuilding it? Is it that far gone?

    Now that you have the Clausing coming online you have your "work" lathe maybe you can devote some time to bringing the Heavy 10 back to life.

    Remember! It's not scrap until it's a pile of swarf on the floor... and even then you can melt that down and re-cast it!!!
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