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Got fired from Denny's restaruant.

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  • Got fired from Denny's restaruant.

    When I was in college I worked at Denny's restaraunt. The manager that hired me transfered and the new manager Mr Young was hard to get along with. I worked first shift had only been there about 3 weeks. One day it was my turn to make soup of the day. I was told by the manager to make soup on a certain page of Denny's cook book. I was going down the list putting things 1 by 1 in the large pot when the next thing to add was 1 cup of salt. I was not a great cook in those days but I knew enough not to put 1 cup of salt in a 3 gallon pot of soup. The manager told me to make it exactly like the recipe so I decided I better double check and ask him. Well it made him mad that I asked he when off on me telling me those are proven recipes all the Denny's restaruants all over USA uses those so don't make any changes, make it exactly like the recipe. OK........will do! I put in 1 cup of salt and finished and let it cook. At lunch time people ordered soup of the day then complained it had too much salt. The manager was mad as hell after tasting the soup and he went off on me. I showed him the recipe and reminded him that I tried to ask if 1 cup salt is correct but you insisted the recipes are all correct don't bother me. He yelled you should know better than to put 1 cup of salt in a pot of soup. I yelled I do know better that is why I tried to ask you. Mr Young fired me on the spot.

    It was not funny then but it is now.

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    Mr. Young's punishment, beyond being a manager at a Denny's, was to be Mr. Young.


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      Don't get me wrong, I'm not pro union by any means, but it's a**holes like your Mr. Young that inspired the concept of unions.

      Merry Christmas Gary
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        Never been fired but have did quit one job, waiter. phew, dunno how waitstaff do it, lasted 2 weeks
        "Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment" R.M.Brown

        My shop tour


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          Back in college, I had a boss that was just a miserable, spiteful, hateful B!tch. She fired 52 people in just over 6 months, and there was only 15-20 employees total in the department at any given time.

          One day she decided that I didn't get a break, even though I was entitled to one. So she drug me around the kitchen pointing out all the things that were dirty or hadn't been finished yet.

          Then she yelled at me "who's fault is that"?

          I calmly replied, "its your fault, you're the supervisor"

          I didn't get fired, but I did get my hours cut down to 3 a week for a while.

          She quit just before getting fired, but she did get fired at her next job. HAHAHA


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            Re:"It,s your fault, your,e the supervisor"!!!

            Ha Ha Ha!!! A Great response, love that one!!

            In my younger years i got fired a couple of times, then, Who cared,,,,, get fired , and could be back working in those days for another outfit within 4-12 hours!!
            Worked for some real dipsticks, but i also worked for a bunch of real fun bosses, great guys all around.


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              I got- lets say 'terminated' from a job Id had for more than twenty years- for insubordination. The appointed manager was an idiot, and I was the 'go to' guy for the other employees for their 'second opinions'. One guy was told to do a job a certain way, which he knew wasn't going to work. He asked me, I looked it over and told him it wasn't going to work like that. Confirmed, he took it back to the manager and got chewed for questioning it. He did the job, it didn't work- he went back to the manager to get more 'advice'. This was all in the name of selling more 'accessories' to pad the price of the job. The customer was not impressed and the installer was blamed. I took it upon myself to make sure the installer did his jobs in ways that would work, in other words properly, and in agreement with what he knew would work also. Most of the time it was at odds with how the 'manager' wanted it done.

              In hindsight, the manager got a pretty good amount of respect for his position, but he was an idiot and deserved probably more insult than he actually got. He called me in for a 'private meeting' one day, which I knew was to chastise me for going over his head. I said to him, just talk to me here, everyone else knows what it's all about anyway. The next day the boss handed me a letter, and I just smiled. Within the next couple of weeks I was on my way to california- road trip- had a great time, camped at La Push on the washington coast, went down as far as Tijuana- got rid of all that bs stress.
              I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                Originally posted by Willy
                Don't get me wrong, I'm not pro union by any means, but it's a**holes like your Mr. Young that inspired the concept of unions.

                Merry Christmas Gary

                Only time I was ever fired was from a summer job at a union cement plant.

                A bunch of us were hired to help with the summer maintenance on the plant. After two weeks on the job this big burly foreman took each of us aside and told us to slow down. We were making the "lifers" look bad.

                Here we were a bunch of young guys who'd been cramped up in school all year. For us the physical labor outside was like fun. I told Mr. Union foreman to f-off. I was the first to go.


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                  Great story - thanks for posting it! Just curious though... what prompted you to tell it?


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                    In an effort to save this thread from death by boredom, I ask you this ; what do you call leftover soup de jour ? And another thing, why is it " back and forth" when it should be forth and back ? And why aren't socks sold in sets of three, so when you lose one you still have a pair ? And where do all of my right hand gloves go ? Perhaps the same place where all of my combs and ball point pens go . And who is the " they" in "they say" ?
                    And why do we squeeze every last molecule of toothpaste out of a tube (men only) , but then pay $3 at a bar for a 90 cent bottle of beer ?
                    Indeed, such questions are the hobgoblins of small minds , and as such I brood over them incessantly.


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                      pay $3 at a bar for a 90 cent bottle of beer ?
                      HA!! ..That's nuthin' !!
                      Try going to any professional sporting event, and paying $14 for an 8 ounce beer. GO SPURS!!!


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                        In 30 years of working, never been fired from a job.......but had some interesting experiences.

                        While I was going to tech school in Minneapolis I begrudgingly took a job at a Burger King. Jobs were tough to get, I needed a job, and my roommate worked there.
                        This place had a payroll of over 125 people with a huge turnover. I was there 8 months and only 8-10 people, including management, had been longer than I had.
                        I finally got tired of the idiots I worked with and for, blew a gasket on a couple people that had it coming, and told the boss I was quitting. Boss takes me to the office and convinces me that rather than quitting I should take a couple weeks off, cool down and come back. He said, "jobs are tough to get, you got this one, you may nt find another".
                        He didn't want to lose me, I was the only one he had that he had never had to call in a replacement for when I didn't show up. I agreed to take some time off.

                        45 minutes later I walked back in and turned in my stuff, I had another job that paid better and was way more my style.


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                          In the early eighties I was working in a factory that made weapons components. One day I was given the job of building a large test fixture. The whole works was to be built on a piece of aluminum plate about three feet square and two inches thick. All the rest of the pieces that went on the plate were to be made of the same material. They gave me a pile of metal and a comic strip and I sat down and looked it over. The outside dimensions of the plate called for a tolerance of +/- 1/32". I threw a tape on it and discovered the big piece of plate was 1/16" over the specified dimension. Given the nature of our work, we were on a need to know basis and I had no idea where this thing was going to wind up, whether the plate had to fit in a recess or whether it fit air. Anyway, the only way to get that small of an amount off the plate and bring it into tolerance was a quick pass on a milling machine. I set it up and was taking a cut when my boss came walking by. He stopped and asked in a loud voice "What the F##K are you doing? That's a saw cut dimension, it doesn't need to be machined!" and after some more personal invective, he stormed off without giving me a chance to explain what I was doing. I was disgruntled. I finished the cut and took the part and the print back to my bench to plan the next operation. While studying the print I discovered an error on the part of the engineering dept. The print called for several series of maybe a dozen holes to allow mounting of other components, each hole was to be a given distance apart, plus or minus .010". The drawing for the mating part was dimensioned similarly. In other words, the dimensions were from hole to hole. Well, I drilled all the hole spacing in the mounting plate such that the dimension between each hole was .008" over the nominal dimension, and all the hole spacing on the mating parts were .008" under the nominal dimension, the net result being such an accumulation of error that the parts wouldn't fit together. I finished the job on a Friday afternoon, and punched out. My boss tried to put it together after I left and had a fit of apoplexy, threatening to have me fired (friends of mine witnessed this). He loaded the whole works onto a handtruck and trundled on down to QC and left it in their capable hands, figuring they'd provide documentation for his complaint against me. QC verified that the parts were within spec. There wasn't a thing my boss could do to me. He knew he'd been had and never gave me any crap again though.


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                            I've walked out of a few jobs when I was younger but the only job I was fired from was the Airforce (RAAF).
                            They decided that obeying stupid, pointless commands immediately and exactly as told was more important than actually doing the job they had trained me for (electronics).
                            I made the mistake more than once of asking 'Why?'
                            My place.


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                              Originally posted by KiddZimaHater
                              HA!! ..That's nuthin' !!
                              Try going to any professional sporting event, and paying $14 for an 8 ounce beer. GO SPURS!!!
                              Why do I bother ?