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Gloat: Getting the lead out

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  • Gloat: Getting the lead out

    It seems they have declared and all out war on lead at work. Totally freaking out about it. Cant use it for anything, weights, whatever.

    So heres what I got today, 84lbs of lead sheet! Also got another 10-15lbs of various lead weights.

    Just hope they dont figure out that we have lead in the solder. Or the balance weights for some of the big cranes.

    Lead sheet by macona, on Flickr

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    Now you can build your radiation-proof bomb shelter.


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      I was thinking that would make great kits for people with a frequent need to go through TSA screening at the airport. A jock strap made from that would protect you from every conventional probing they can throw your way.

      TSA Agent: Oi! Wot's 'at?

      Passenger: 'Ats me noot booket. Wot's it to ye? Got a fetish about that, have ye?


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        Got it for shielding. X-rays mostly. Its very easy to make x-rays with stainless steel in the vacuum chamber. You only need about 10Kv.

        Also if I ever get around to building one of the fusors it will help for lower energy neutrons.

        If nothing else scrap lead is a little over a buck a pound and seems to be rising.


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          I don't know where you guys always get that scrap price. All they'll give around these parts is about $.40/lb.

          I've got a couple hundred pounds holding down a corner of the shop, couldn't talk me in to selling it.

          So what are you using to shield x-rays now?

          Or is this corporate america where lead is a concern, but scatter radiation is not.


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            Where I work they just use it to hold stuff down mostly.

            At home I dont generate xrays, yet.

            The current "sell" price is about $1. So if I went to the scrap yard and wanted to buy scrap lead thats what I would end up paying. Selling to them I would get the buy price which is lower. Also depends on region, scrap seems to go a little higher over here, probably since it is closer to ports to ship to china.


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              Doesn't take too many more KV to generate x rays with tungsten and a couple carbide inserts.

              Not something I care to play with at home. I've got all I want at work, along with a dosimeter badge :-)


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                having touched that you realise you can no longer visit CA.... you are contaminated


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                  You guys are working to hard.

                  Around here that would become fishing weights.
                  Byron Boucher
                  Burnet, TX


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                    I see an awful lot of nice cast roundballs for my guns!



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                      Hang onto it. Metals are selling near an all-time high - copper is over $4/lb and lead is also high and will likely go higher.



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                        Id recommen telling them the crane also uses lead weights, So you can get a few 1000lbs more free lead.. err, I mean, Charge them $0.10 per lb for envormental disposal fees after offering to dispose of it for them.
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                          Good stuff, that lead sheet. I used it to line my master bath shower after the last round of 'remodeling' (rot removal). Good enough for the Roman baths that are still in use, good enough for me...