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wilton vise re-build

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  • wilton vise re-build

    can someone tell me how the cap on the back end of the bullet on a wilton machinist vise comes off. there looks to be a drive pin on the side of the bullet ? whats that for

    thanks and merry xmas


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    After you remove the large vise screw the end cap can just be popped out by running a dowel up inside and tapping it out with a hammer. It's the collar ahead of that which is held by the pins (one each side)....

    Read this thread....

    I actually tore mine completely apart and cleaned/degreased and primed and painted it inside and out. Piece of cake.
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      Depending on which vise you have, I would not remove that pin. It positions and keeps the female thread from turning. The cap itself is just a stamped metal piece like a grease cap on a front wheel of a car. Unless you have to remove the female thread shaft, I'd just leave it alone. You could run a long drift down thru the threaded hole and knock it out, but you will probably punch a hole thru it.

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        Removing the retaining screws in front will allow you to back out the screw backwards. Once the screw is free the front jaw body will just slide out of the main body. Using a wooden dowel just drive the cap loose if you feel you need to remove it, I don't see reason you would have too.
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          thanks everyone just picked the vise up at auction and wanted to clean and lube it