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  • OT USB Modem

    Some time ago I posted about getting a USB wireless modem. I use it in my laptop, and it does quite well.

    My question is, could I use it in a desktop PC? I can't think why I couldn't, but these things seem to be targeted for portables, not desktops. If it would work in the PC, could I use or get a USB extension cable to get the modem up off the floor where the PC is?


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    It will work just fine with a desktop PC. An extension of up to about 20 feet will also work just fine.
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      I use USB wireless cards in all my home desktop pc's works great


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        Well, I got a modem for the desktop PC, the exact same as I'm using on this laptop right now. Tried to initialize it this afternoon, and couldn't. The PC would not recognized the modem. It loaded the software fine, but wouldn't work.

        I spent over an hour and half on the phone with tech support, and they are sending a new modem.

        But I have a question, are all USB ports created equal? Are certain ports suited for certain things? Would there be a reason it wouldn't work, assuming the new modem does the same thing?



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          As long as the port is working they are all the same, well, except for a few. Newer computers are coming with high power USB ports that can supply up to an amp for things like iPads and external hard drives. But they are functionally the same. If all else fails buy a PCI USB card and install it.


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            Some crappy drivers only recognise your hardware in the USB port you used while installing the driver itself. It won't recognise it on another port.