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Dial height gage problem

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  • Dial height gage problem

    I'm not certain if the problem I'm having is one of adjustment or just a cheap, inaccurate tool.

    After the gage is zeroed on the surface plate the dial should register 0 when you hit a whole number, correct?

    I wanted 9" but got 9.017" when it looked as if I was on the correct line.

    The instructions...such as they are...would have me pulling off and repositioning the dial pointer but I need to read them 4-5 more times to be certain what they're talking about.
    "While scriber point attaching to the plane of the base, the pointer should point the "0" on the scale bezel. If the error is within 10 scale please do this:..." then it goes on to describe removing the pointer.

    I know, I know...I should have waited for a proven reliable brand!

    Still, can this be salvaged through adjustment?

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    It sounds as if you have a dial indicator height guage instead of a vernier or digital height guage.

    Set the base of the pointer to just touch the surface plate (set it "Down" ie from "Up") and zero the dial bezel.

    Now move the traveler (with the pointer and the dial) up past 9.000" and then use a fine feed to bring it down to your known 9" mark and check the dial to see it it reads 0.000" or close to it.

    If that works, it seems that there is mechanical back-lash between the rack and pinion as well as internally within the dial indicator.

    This is just a variation of allowing for or eliminating back-lash in a milling machine table lead-screw and nut when positioning the table.


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      Assuming you have a dial type.

      You can skip gears using a tool that should have been supplied, turn the dial; or... Not give a care and use it as is. When you change the scriber you would have to go through the same process all over again...