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Dust collector attachment for my skilsaw

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  • Dust collector attachment for my skilsaw

    Hi, I have long searched for a dust collection adapter from my skilsaw, but wasn't able to find it. I then had it ordered from Germany and after 1 month, it arrived. But unfortunately, even though it is for the same make and model (Bosch GKS 190), it is slightly different. I won't be able to screw it to the blade guard, so I have to glue it on. The blade guard seems to be anodized aluminum, but I am not sure, could be cast iron, too. I am thinking of sanding the blade guard at the spot where the dust adapter will come and sanding the adapter itself. Then I am contemplating to use 2 component epoxy glue.

    What would you use to glue this adapter? Will the epoxy glue withstand the potential heat when the machine is run for extended periods?

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    The blade guard is made of cast aluminium.

    Having used a similar sized Makita hand held circular saw for many years, I haven't noticed the guard getting at all warm. Epoxy should be fine - I'd think the motor will burn out or the plastic drive gears will melt long before the guard gets anywhere near temperatures that epoxy would struggle with...

    All of the gear, no idea...