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    I've been considering buying a set of adjustable reamers and noticed that KBC has them in their sales flyer. Problem is, they look like the same made in India ones that I've seen at a local supplier and if so, they're a rather sorry looking item.
    Has anyone used these (India) reamers with any success? Are there better quality adjustable reamers that aren't too $$$$?

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    I bought a set of the adjustable made in India reamers and since they were covered in grease and such inside their wrappers, I didn't get much of a look at them in the store. Once I got them home I cleaned up the 1/2 inch one and was able to do some visual inspection. Sorry looking didn't describe them. They were on the level of a complete tap and die set from 1/4" to 1/2" - course and fine - that would sell for the majestic price of $4.95. They weren't even able to be adjusted. A drilled hole would have been rounder and straighter than one reamed by anything from that set. I took them back and got my money back. They may have been worse than average, but I don't think so. If in the future I decide to buy reamers, I will find a good industrial brand name and know I have gotten the best bang for my buck.
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      AFAIK, there're two basic kinds of adjustable reamers. One kind is adjusted/expanded then it's ground to size.

      The other is adjusted to size and used. Think about how precision it has to be to have 4 or more blades able to be adjusted so all expand or contract exactly the same amount while keeping the cutting edges concentric. Obviously to do this right it's going to be expensive. Even in India they can't do that for $4.95!!

      Speaking of tools from India, lately I've seen a couple of items that were so poorly made they were a joke. Worse than anything I remember out of China.


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        Made in India tools seem to be maintaining their reputation for poor quality intact. Nice to be able to count on something these days.
        They do a fine job of hiding it in preservative and paper.
        Jim H.


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          yeah....they do a bang-up job with packaging....maybe they should stick to that!

          Buy from the 1st world !!!!


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            Poland think Poland,they make good ones Bison I think,India well their more of a reamer kit,although the ones I have bought from KBC have been usable.

            Staight blade reamers I generally hate anyway,chatter like no tommorow even the "good" ones,really suck on steel and the like.I much better prefer the ajustable spiral reamers,a good bit more money but worth it.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Dan, yep, I've made some. And some work better than others. Under 1/8", I just grind the end at about a 20* angle, like something you'd clean your fingernails with. 1/8" and over, it's what they call a D reamer. Relieve the back side of the nose so it doesn't grab, and grind just a little less than 1/2 the diameter away. Both types need hardened, drawn back slightly, then the flat honed. The 'D's work good when you get that "a little less than half" right, but not worth a damn if you don't.
                I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.


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                  There is also a reamer called a toolmakers reamer which just has a flat ground along the side at about a 15* angle - makes a great finger nail cleaner and pig sticker too! much sharper than a D-bit.


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                    yeah, Thrud, that's the ticket. That was actually the first one I was talking about. If they were officially called 'finger nail cleaning type reamers' then I'da knowed it's proper name.
                    I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.