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  • AGI machinist videos

    Has anyone purchased these machinist videos from agi gunsmithing.also are they any good for that price $495.00. Thank for any help.

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    For $495 plus tax you can come around to my place and break a few end mills, blunt a few lathe tools and black a few thumb nails.
    I'll supply the endmills and lathe tools, you supply the thumb nails.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      I have bought both the lathe and milling machine courses. I thought they were very well done. I had viewed a couple of the Rudy videos and one of Guy Lautard's, While both of these individuals obviously have a lot of talent, they don't know much about making an interesting video. I used to use one of them to help me go to sleep! I viewed all the AGI video's and go back and review certain topicks from time to time - for example, threading. I do a lot of turning and boring, but really don't have to single point threads that often; so when I do, i review that tape before I go do it.

      I like that idea of them being on DVD a lot better. I don't know if they have converted all the previous videos to DVD or not. I was going to ask them if I could return my tapes and pay a nominal fee for DVD's if they have.

      Like anything, you have to kind of get familiar with the "style", mannerisms, and techniques of the instructor(s) before you really can absorb the information. I compared it to a couple semesters of night school at the local vocational training facility to justify the expenditure.

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        I think a book with well written illustrations with actual hand on expirience is the recipe for success. Ofcourse the best thing is to have a machinist give you instructions with hands on expirience.
        Books are a good thing.(lol sound like Martha)