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Mill drill from scratch....kinda'

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    I have been following this discussion with interest.

    I have an Emco milling head/column from a V7 that I plan on combining with a Clausng X-Y table to make a Emco FB2 clone. I can say that the choice of X-Y table will make a difference as to how satified you will be with the final result of your efforts. I looked for quite awhile before I decided on the Clausing X-Y table that is meant to be used with their industrial drills. I would vote for a substantial X-Y table and make sure you mount the milling head to utilize the table's full work envelope.

    I have yet to build my setup due to some distractions from life but it is definitely on the list of things to be done. With the Emco milling head, the head will be indexed so registration will not be lost.

    A question for the group....what is the X and Y travel for the Emco FB-2 mill? If possible, I would like to see pictures of the base of the FB-2 to see how the mill head is mounted to the base.