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  • Sir John

    "Stones frontman becomes Sir Mick"
    IF Mick Jaggar can be knighted and Why not
    Mr.John Stevenson!!
    You've all seen his work.
    All those in favour say aye!!
    please visit my webpage:

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    Aye say he benighted, eye, eye.
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      Long live Sir John!


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        I was just doing some research on gear cutting and ran into an article John wrote on making involute form tools. It was much more insightful and inspirational than anything I've heard from Mr Jaggar.

        Add my vote for Sir John!

        I shall discuss this matter with the Queen tomorrow at high tea.

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          Sir John,I like that,sounds fitting.

          Anyway lots more talent than that other bozo.

          Probibly sings better too
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Another vote for John!


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              I think that if John were Knighted, and I am all for it, he would probably be the first Knighted machinist or Machinist Knight the First, or Sir John of chips. I wonder what his coat of arms would look like. A knee mill crossed by a lathe, support by a shaper???

              Paul G.
              Paul G.


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                Forget it the queen does not knight peons - only rich assholes like Conrad Black.

                And we all know that John may be rich, but he still has to be elevated from filthy peasant to inbred "beautiful person" to qualify - like Prince Dumbo.

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                  I dunno about knighted. I think John would get more good out of a TV show like "Machine Shop Sweep" where you get 24 hours with 4 helpers, a forklift, and a big truck to clean out a machine tool sales outfit and an industrial supply house.

                  Not much mention has been made of a key piece of John's set-up; the indexer that feeds linear interpolated step and direction pulses to the spindle step motor and the work step motor drivers in response to a tooth count set on the thumb switches he mentions. I think it might be an original and unique gadget kept under wraps until fully developed and ready to market.

                  This gadget is a hell of a development if affordable to a home shop guy and a key to hobbing gears on the cheap.

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                    Good Knight John.

                    Oops no comma.


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                      I think your doing the lad down, a Knight is way below this guys worth!

                      John would get my vote for a Duke, no doubts about that! I think he's worthy of at least a Dukedom. Then he can 'lord it' over all of us here!

                      Only downside to the guy is he's from the wrong side of the 'Dane Law' ~ but thats a 1500 year old demarkation line so I'll forgive him!!!!



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                        I don't think King Knud will have much to say.
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                          I think you guys have misquoted ower lizzie (the Queen to you)told John he should get knotted not knighted,in any case he would have to bend down on one knee to get knighted with the weight of all that rusty old armour he was saving for such an event he would need his new winch and an a frame to get him up again.
                          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                            Yes, lads, let's not get ahead of ourselves. When they knight Keith Richards, now, THEN we can all line up for Dukedom!
                            I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.


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                              Yeah, Sir Heroin Richards - stoner at large.

                              Methinks Forrest has the best idea yet - 24 hour shopping spree!

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