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    I am new here, but I have been reading the past threads and enjoying every minute. I was reading the thread concerning the drill chuck keys and I thought I would post my "solution". I have several strong magnets kicking around,( readily available from multiple sources); they are about the size of a domino but they are quite strong. I simply stick the magnet on the machine at some handy and out of the way place. The chuck key is held by the magnet, it is fast as you don't have to line anything up, just slap it on and you don't have any dangling chains to get in the way.

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    Welcome aboard!

    Sounds good to me,it would even work for me,but not for anyone else I know,they are the reason the key at work has a chain and a Chrysler hubcap attached
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Sounds a good idea but for some of the old fogies on this board it's liable to wipe the pacemaker memory's out when they get too close to the magnet.
      Either that or they get into an imitation of John Travolta after 20 bottles of Bud, not pissed, just cross legged.

      John S.

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        put the magnet on the end of a stick and it might get the key from under the lathe.


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          The OSHA flavor of chuck key holder is a block with a hole in it and a microswitch such that the drill press will not operate unless the key handle is in the hole pushing the lever on the microswitch. Actually not a bad idea even from OSHA. The block on the key holder I saw was made out of phenolic material so that it insulated the microswitch I guess. Probably works better at keeping up with the key than a magnet since the dummies have to put the key back in the block to use the drill where with the magnet they can stick it anywhere. We use chains.


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            The Ideal place for that switch is up their arse - then they know where the damn key is.!