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Is it inappropriate to offer things for free here?

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  • Is it inappropriate to offer things for free here?

    I don't want to break any rules, but I have some (small) things that I can't use, and can't sell (tried on EBAY - two people bid, neither actually paid).

    If I listed them here, and someone wanted to pay postage, would that be inappropriate? Thanks,


    PS: I just can't STAND throwing stuff out.

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    I speak with NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER, but I can't imagine why anyone would object. ...unless you're "dumping" significant qtys of items that compete with Village Press paying advertisers.
    Others have offered items for free (excldg s/h chgs) before and there's been no outcry about it.

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    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      Oh, for god's sake. i hit the wrong button, and started a new thread called "that's authoritative enough for me." Shoulda been called "i'm a doofus." If you want some free nails, see that thread. If you don't, and can't figure out what to do, please be advised that your new snowblower should not be used indoors.

      Thank you.


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        Saw the thread, nice offer. I've offered items here. If I have something that I can't use and someone here can, I offer it. Small items I'll just send PostPaid. Heavy items are free for shipping.

        As a matter of fact, I've got some NOS halfnuts and outside jaws(3) that I can't even give away....LOL


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          Giving is not selling.

          I don't think Neil will mind.

          ...and whats wrong with using snowblowers indoors?


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            I think that statement comes off the warning label. The same one that says not to place your hand into the turning blades! I guess some people need that kind of "help".


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              Giving something away for free isn't selling. We can never have too much generosity.

              Sounds like its time to clean your house Thrud!
              Location: North Central Texas


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                I feel sorry for the poor slobs that have to sort through my stuff when I am dead.

                REVENGE...HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!


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                  That would probably be my wife. Damn good thing I'll be dead. If I wasn't I would be.
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                    Snow blower indoors ? I think your on to something there Thrud.If you put a large bag over the chute and plow right into that pile of lego that the kids won't pick up...........(lol)


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                      I on occasion ask if anyone has something to sell, sometimes I have things to trade. I offer this group these items at reasonable prices or reasonable trade. Which negates any high profit margin. I offer these things before putting them on Ebay. I do not sell my end products on this BBS. I just want to share what I have with people who can use things. If I have 50 widgets and only need 5, I let this group have the picking of the other 45.

                      Many people who are members of this elite job, have been very generous with me. In many ways I am a beginner with some this technology, in other ways, I know my craft.

                      So lets every one of us, have a Happy Holiday.



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                        I have a teenager right now; any takers? He eats well, pretty accomplished sleeper, and is currently the SMARTEST HUMAN BEING on the face of the planet. He's really adept at losing things right now too. I'll even throw in a pick-up load of groceries (two days worth, tops)

                        Just kidding guys, I tried to get someone to take him when he was cute and little and still filling diapers. The MRS. wouldn't let me unload the little booger then, and I'm sure she won't now, either. Women are funny that way.
                        I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.


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                          I don't think anyone would complain about offering free shop items to the board members. The real issue about selling on this bbs is preventing the site from turning into a flea market.

                          Thank you for your inquiry and consideration.