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Way O/T Change font size in Outlook 2000

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  • Way O/T Change font size in Outlook 2000

    How can the default inbox font size be changed ?

    Not the actual email but the email listings while in the inbox?


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    It scales with one of the windows screen font sizes, I think it might be the icon font size, where that is depends on OS.

    FWIW, I'm sure that you don't want to here this but Outlook 2000 is 11 years old now, and way out of support. That's more than a lifetime in the computer world. You're just about guaranteed that you're exposing yourself to exploits and compatibility problems.


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      I don't have Windows running right now, but that may be one of the times pressing CTRL+ will grow the font size, and CTRL- will reduce it. You have to first click the mouse in the pane that contains the characters you wish to resize.


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        dp, Ctrl + +/- does nothing.
        I have tried every permutation known to man, but sadly, not the correct one. There is a way, once had it but it now escapes me.

        I have moved back to 1280x1024 resolution.

        SB, thanks, I am still able to count forward almost as well as counting backward so I'm still good till around 2015