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  • Grizzly Milling machines

    I have a index milling machine to large about 2000 LBS or over and can not put it in my new small wood floor shop,
    so I want to buy a smaller milling machine for the new shop.
    thinking about a Grizzly one like this, If anyone can give me some advice on this it would be Great, Pros & Cons if you own one. Thank You.

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    The search function is your friend
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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      I think most people would agree that a dovetail version of a unit like that would be preferred.
      The round column causes issues of alignment when you raise and lower the head.
      Is the style to look for IMHO. its generically called a RF-45.


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        Check out the bench-top line from Quality Machine Tools, which includes an RF45 equivalent, and smaller machines:


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          Thanks Guy's for the help and info. I just ordered the Precision Matthews
          #PM 25 MV for $ 1,295.oo Milling Machine with the base, and $ 25.oo for the lift gate Delivery. it should be here around 20 Feb. 2011 it is on back order.
          Thanks Again, The Chief.


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            milling machine

            Do you think that the new milling machine that you bought would work well for boring small go kart engine blocks and milling heads. These are all single cylinder engines.