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Coat Hangers... let me count the ways...

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  • Coat Hangers... let me count the ways...

    How many of us use coat hangers for what ever use around the shop.

    I can seem to find any books on a 1001 ways to use coat hangers.

    Just a thought, we could share.


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    Oh yeah...coat hangers and welding rod. Bend them into brake caliper hangers when doing brakes, I custom bend tool hangers out of them for use with perforated hardboard, an occasional swarf pick, part hangers for painting, and sundry other uses...


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      I thought coat hangers WERE welding rod

      My first job was in a cheesy hot rod shop at 12 years old and we'd occasionally run out of welding rod, and had to use coathangers. Fortunately the uniform man kept us in a steady supply of them.. The guy who owned the shop couldn't manage a business well enough to keep up on most of the supplies that were needed, so you had to improvise. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't buying second hand solvent out the back door of the Safe T Kleen truck for the parts cleaner.

      I learned a lot from that job and I still have that first quality tool I ever bought, a 3/8 drive Snap-On ratchet. I made so little money, I actually had to put the ratchet on lay away as the Snap On guy wasn't quite ready to open an account for a 12 year old kid. I still think it's the best ratchet around and it's what I reach for if I need a 3/8 ratchet.

      Coathangers are almost as important as duct tape in keeping the universe running.


      Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.

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      Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.


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        "Occasionally we had to use coat hangers"what do you mean occasionally?Around here we occasionally use welding rods
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          I have one all bent up in the bathroom at home. Don't know who uses it or for what.
          I used it to stirr up the spagetti last week.


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            OOOooooooohhhohohohoh. MM, you're as twisted as that coat hanger!


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              Mustn't forget their original and primary use - AM/FM auto radio antenna.

              Only one sleep til Santa, here on the other side of the date line.

              Seasons greetings to all.



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                jfsmith, You could write a book on this subject and be on the best seller list in no time. Add lots of pictures and you could sell it as a coffee table book!

                I happen to use coat hangers for pulling / fishing wire in a wall or a car firewall.
                Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                  I've used a wire hanger more than once to get into my cars after I locked the keys in.


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                    Wire coat hangers were the most sexual active things that I have ever seen. We used then for everything,welding, hanging parts to paint, cut them up for all kinds of things, never bought any but never ran out of them. Really don't know how they reproduce but they do. Plastic has hurt their reproductive process today somehow. Guess that is progress.



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                      Stirring paint with a drill. My dad taught me that when I was perhaps 1 or 2.
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                        I had about 50 ways to use the invaluable coat hanger all listed up, but decided this was too much. I live about one block from a cleaner, so I get them by the basket, and they are invaluable.

                        However, I have deduced through this thread, that the world can be divivded into three or four "eras" all said and done by the 22nd century archeologists:

                        BC - Before coat hangers
                        AC - After coat hangers and before duct tape
                        AD - After Duct Tape and coat hangers combined to make all the new inventions we have today.

                        Man, I can't keep a hanger in my shop, they are valued items, and not for shirts or coats....

                        CCBW, MAH


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                          Come to think of it we only have wooden hangers in the house. But I do have lots of steel shafting, dead typewriters, cables, so I can "fake" a hanger in a pinch.