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  • ot Black Box for Cars

    Does anybody have any experience with using or shopping for the type used when ya want to keep track of a teen driver?
    I am going to start looking and thought My search might be narrowed by asking here first.


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    No real experience here Steve as I don't have any kids, I didn't want to put myself through the hell I put my folks through.

    But just so everyone is on the same page, are you looking for a vehicle data logger or a GPS tracking device? Not sure of what is available either, perhaps a combination of the two.

    Here's a page that may be helpful, it does have some links to a few options.
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      I have one in my pickup, called CarChip. It plugs into the OBDII socket and records a bunch of operational parameters. I got it when I was having a flakey problem and have left in in since, it paid for itself the day I got it. It records 40 hours of data, It cost about $80 some years ago.



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        Perhaps you should demonstrate trust instead of suspicion?
        Just saying...


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          Whatever ..if i was a teen and clever enough ..i would have that device disabled magnetism or whatever in a flash.

          suggest you give him a model T ford .. then he will be too slow to cause any trouble...and gets to learn a lot about fixing cars

          all the best.markj
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            Well, now that the thread is officially side railed I'll offer this in defense of the OP.

            Benta, good parenting is all about verified trust and not just taking your childs explanation as gospel. It's also important to the kid that he know you are interested enough in his well being to verify his stories. In other words, he counts and isn't just another of your possessions.

            I have recently seen a very in-expensive answer to this question. It was gps based and you downloaded the data on to a mapping software. I'll look in my history to see if it shows up. What you want does exist, I've seen it advertised.

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              Take the silencer off then you will be able to hear where the kid goes.................

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                I saw nothing in the OP's post that he wanted table thumping pseudo parenting from this crowd. But, as usual....

                This is a device that I have heard some good things about:


                300 bucks. Just a place to start.


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                  Originally posted by Benta
                  Perhaps you should demonstrate trust instead of suspicion?
                  Just saying...
                  nowadays it is unwise to be too trusting with today,s mentality and society it is wise to be suspicious sad though it may be if your instincts tell you to watch out you better listen have a nice day jack


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                    One of my high school mate's dad used to keep a pickle jar half full of water in the trunk. If you drove the car normally, the jar would stay upright. If you jumped off the line or cornered hard, the jar would fall over. It was 2 years before the kid figured that one out.


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                      looked at the Driver cam links --- far out, far far out!
                      but since its the US with 14 year olds driving (some states) and its this century not the 1970's i can understand why.

                      Just makes me glad I learned to drive in the 1970's in the UK and at age 17.
                      Yes I did crash my first car.


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                        Buy an old Crown vic, some aviators, a good pair of bino's, and fake mustache and do it the old fashioned way

                        Re the pickle jar. Not sure what would have pissed my dad off more. Knowing I was beating the hell out of his truck, or constantly cleaning up broken pickle jar glass, and repairing water damage

                        I've got a buddy who used to work for discount car rental, and I think he's done some research on this subject. I'll ask him, and see if he has any recommendations.


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                          GPS or something that plugs into the OBD.
                          Actually, I would use both... The gps to record speeds and on what road they were speeding, AND the OBD reader to record the RPM's of the engine.
                          Those two combined would give you all the details you would want to know.

                          One further thing that I have done in the past simply because I am a HAM, is APRS. I hooked a GPS to one of my 2m radios and it would broadcast out every minute my location. Other hams would pick me up and display it on the internet.
                          Funny how the FAA is still trying to implement this, HAMS been doing it forever.

                          I am 30 years old now, and If it was my kid, I would have all three installed. I can't say how effective it would be, if they have the same interests as me, they would find a way to disable it.
                          No, I would not trust them with the car, not util they are in their mid 20's.


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                            Here's a somewhat inexpensive solution...

                            Garmin makes a number of GPS units for use in the car for around $150.00. These units will remember exact routes of trips taken with the vehicle. One won't know the speed, but one will know the path taken.

                            Install the GPS in the vehicle and "hard" wire it to one of the vehicles circuits that turns on when the car is started and turns off when the car is shut off. Your vehicle's manual should give this information. The connection can be made very easily using an "Add-A-Circuit" that can be purchased at any auto supply store.

                            I would put the unit in a obvious place so your and your children can use the GPS but just don't tell them about the trip tracking feature.

                            Add-A-Circuit example:


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                              Toolguy has it. GPS won't help me for what I want to know. I wouldn't be interested in straight line speed, unless it was outrageous. I'd be interested in cornering and braking G-forces. You want a recording two axis accelerometer of some sort. The water jar is an excellent bodge job for that.

                              On a side-side issue - but still on data logging - has anyone used a fuel mixture display connected to either the old or new O2 sensors ? I'm too old to go charging around doing plug-cuts on my old bike, and I'd like to invest in some modern technology that would give me a steady reading of my air/fuel mixture.