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    I just bought some HSS T-15 inserts to try on both my SBL 9 inch and heavy 10. Bought TPG 221/222, DCMT and VCMT. So far I have tried them all on Aluminum, Brass, 12L14, Cr, Delrin and Stainless Steel (gun barrel) both turning and facing. And have on the SB Heavy 10 taken cuts as light as .00025 and can measure it on all the above workpeice's. I use carbide insert's for all roughing in cut's Then just remove the carbide insert and put in the HSS insert then sneak up on the last couple thousands of the finish cut. Have not gotten a smoother or prettier finish. Just as good as any HSS tool bit that has been hand ground on a good bench grinder. I found them doing a Google search for HSS inserts. Very happy and pleased with them and glad I found HSS inserts.


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    Intresting first post.. And welcome to the board!
    I rather like 'Product review' posts myself, So while this could of been a little spamy looking if you posted the company name/url (Even though most of us know where you likey got the HSS inserts), You did it very nicely. (Moreso because it is your first post, After a few 100, I really don't mind people ranting on how good a company/product is, with urls right to sales sites, Because its unlikey that promoting those products is thier only goal here)

    Did you have any problem with work hardening on light cuts on the stainless? What alloy of stainless was it?

    One thing to note is you'll likey wanna dial back RPM's some too, Swaping inserts is an intresting way to keep your tool dialed in however. One should note that a diffrent nose radius will produce a diffrent tool length however. So you'll want to keep em the same or measure (Calculate?) the diffrence.
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      There is only one place that makes tehm that I know and that is Arthur Warner Company in Latrobe, PA
      They have been discussed here numerous times. You can search the board for the threads. Mike Warner from Arhtur Warner Company is a member on the boards.
      There are mulitple companies that sell they inserts but ultimately they come from Arthur Warner.
      I have never had any problems with them. Just a user for about 9 years.


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        Thanks Black Moons and I did slow down to slowest spindle speed and feed with light cut's . Used same nose radius but still sneaked up on the final cut to get the fiinsh and diameter I wanted. Yes they have been around for along time but I just found out about them couple weeks ago. And wanted to share my finding's.


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          I love the threading inserts they make too. Much nicer threads than I get from carbide at low manual speeds. I like the little triangles on external surfaces but on bores I always get a really bad finish from them. Not sure why. In bores I get a better result with ground carbide inserts for AL. They work great in steel too with real shallow cuts.

          The HSS inserts mean I can turn Aluminum at the RPM range of my lathe and actually be in the right ballpark of SFM. They are expensive little boogers though.


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            Originally posted by photomankc
            I love the threading inserts they make too.... They are expensive little boogers though.
            Can you post a link to the threading tooling? (since you have nearly a hundred posts! )


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              RobbieKnobbie: haha. Okok, Yea its a little antinoob for me to say that, But you do have to admit, someone posting a URL to some sales site for post 1 would look bad.
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                I totally agree, I was realy just jokin about the great coincidence that Photomankc was just coming up on 100 posts.

                It's all in good fun!


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                  HSS does a nice finish....but I also found that a carbide insert with a 0.5 or o.o nose will do the same. You can usually pick them up on ebay for 2- 3 dollars each
                  i.e. DCMT 21505 or DCMT 2150 with a nose radius of 0.008" and o.oo4"

                  just a suggestion
                  These are great for getting off that last 0.002" LoL.
                  please visit my webpage:


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                    HSS will get you the nice finish, but you can get it with carbide also, but you just can't use the same bits you use for roughing as they will have different cutting properties. And with carbide your lathe RPM comes short very quickly. For example, to get a nice finish on a mild steel piece like S235 (easily weldable steel) needs around 200-250 m/min of surface speed with carbide.

                    But then again there is the emery cloth Get's you good surface and those last digits all the time
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                      While on topic, I've been confused by their two different threading inserts. one has no top rake--the other has a positive top rake (11°) which doesn't produced the correct thread angle if you have a straight-on toolholder. I've never really understood that. If you get the kit, you get one of each.

                      (hope I have enough posts!!! )


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                        I have many carbide threading inserts that have significant top rake, and they do produce the correct thead. They all mount on "straight tooling".

                        It's more to do with the type of material being cut.


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                          Thanks to the OP. I was asking about HSS inserts at the last show I was at.

                          I don't know if there's a source on my side of the pond, though.

                          And welcome. The site is looking good at the moment - fewer OT posts than usual, thank goodness.

                          But since BM has already had a go at you (via something you were not guilty of) I'll join the party. I encourage you, and all and sundry, to put some small indication of their location in their details. It helps when posters say "Can't buy oojamaflips for love nor money around here". It gives as all better idea of what's going on.

                          Any post like this, saying "Look what I've just bought" is a bit galling for the Brits, Aussies or those living in Turkey or China, but at least we'll know what the score is.

                          It's like we live in a country, while you live in a continent.
                          Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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                            HSS Inserts

                            Hi Guys,

                            Here is a link to a video I made a couple of months ago on the inserts. There are several videos showing them facing and threading also.


                            I've been using them for over a year now and they have made my lathe work so much easier. Now I only have to grind specialty forming tools.

                            Rohart, they will ship inserts accross the pond. I'm bringing some over to a fellow shooter, when I go to Bisley this year.

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                              One of these will buy a Diamond Tool Holder and try to understand how you've lived all these years without one.............Simply amazing tool and one of the best tools I've bought in 30 years of home shop machining!